Republic Wireless Moto Z Play compatible with Verizon's network?

Can the Moto Z Play that I purchased from Republic be used on Verizon’s network?

Best answer would come from Verizon … here is their place to check Bring Your Own Phone or Device - BYOD | Verizon Wireless

Hi @taylork,

Ordinarily I have little reason to disagree with my friend and fellow Community Ambassador, @jben. In this instance, I’ll respectfully do so and suggest that a Moto Z Play purchased from Republic will not work optimally, if at all, on Verizon’s network. The Moto Z Play sold by Republic is a GSM only (no CDMA radio) phone. Verizon’s network uses CDMA technology. At best, a Moto Z Play sold by Republic would work in areas where Verizon offers LTE coverage and would only work for voice if Verizon supports VoLTE on the Z Play. Given that Verizon has an exclusive on the Moto Z Play CDMA variant known as the Moto Z Play DROID, I doubt they’d activate a phone purchased via Republic.

So if @taylork ran the IMEI of his Republic purchased Moto Z Play through the checker that Verizon provides one would have to wonder what they would tell him

Fact Check welcomed … I hate to spread bum dope

Actually, I don’t dispute the correctness of your answer. Verizon is certainly the definitive gatekeeper for deciding what gets activated on their network. I merely question the necessity of asking given the Moto Z Play’s (non-DROID) lack of CDMA hardware compatibility. For what it’s worth Motorola suggests it won’t work: Moto Z Play — GSM Unlocked — Modular Android Smartphone | Motorola. Quoting:

Carrier Networks

Unlocked for AT&T, T-Mobile, and compatible GSM networks so you can switch carriers and keep your phone. Just simply swap SIM cards. Sprint not supported. Moto Z Play Droid is exclusively on Verizon.

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