Republic Wireless Named as Having One of the Best Support Websites for Third Year in a Row!

Last year we announced that we had been named as a winner in the Association of Support Professionals (ASP) Top Ten Best Support Websites competition for the second year in a row!

I’m thrilled to announce that we’re following that up this year with being named as a winner for the third year in a row!

Our “site” consists of our knowledge base, known as the Help Center, our Member Community, and the various aspects of our website that our members use to access their information and to get help, such as their online account. Each site is graded by a panel of judges against several categories such as site user experience, content offering, content engagement and interaction, site improvement processes, and site measurement processes.

In addition to being named as having one of the top five sites of 2020, we were also awarded Best Achievement. With ASP Executive Director, Al Hahn, noting:

“Some judges’ comments illustrate how good their site actually is. “I nominate them for having the best website that allows customers to quickly get to problem resolution through search, content, community help, service tickets and live chat.” “Most Transparent and Engaged with Customers.” Republic Wireless trusts its expert customers to provide support to other customers. While this is common in the community support model, Republic takes it several steps further and proves they trust customers and that customers trust Republic Wireless.” Who does this in the cell provider business? No one else.”

What Hahn is referencing when he says we “trust [our] expert customers to provide support to other customers” is what we call our “Experts”. Did you know you could get help from experienced, unbiased customers? They’re available right on our site and you can message them very much like you would an employee via chat. This is a quick, and easy way to get help for many of the questions or issues you may have. Just look for the Message an Expert Customer or Ask a Customer buttons throughout our site.

This competition isn’t all about what we did well though, each judge is tasked with also providing comments and suggestions on how we can improve. A couple of areas that we’re planning to work on over the next year and beyond are dynamic presentation of information and expanded content mediums. What this means for you is that we hope to be able to present more relevant information to you in a more customized experience across the site (providing that you’re logged in). This is a huge undertaking, and improvements will be incremental, so bear with us and don’t be afraid to tell us what you want to see as we work through this. Additionally, we’ve recently been working to expand our availability of video content. We know many people nowadays turn to YouTube as their source for a “how to”. We want to be able to provide you with that same kind of video “how to” seamlessly within our site so you don’t have to go searching for it somewhere else. Stay tuned for those updates, and don’t forget to check out our YouTube channel.

If you’re ever in need, don’t hesitate to reach out to us through any of the ways we offer help. In addition to our dedicated Help Team, our Experts, Community, and Help Center are just a few of the award-winning ways we offer support in order to provide the best experience and service possible to our members.

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May I offer my congratulations and thanks?


Kudos to republic



As an Expert, and NOT as a Republic employee, let me respond what I think Republic means here. In the Expert program we get lots of pre-sales questions. Asking for advice about plans, about phones, about coverage, etc. Experts aren’t restricted in any way to what we tell customers. I’ve told more than a few prospects that Republic isn’t the right choice for them for things like they want lots of data, or they’re in an area where neither the Sprint nor T-Mobile networks have good coverage… This is compared to the sales agents that you get at the chat features on most other cell carrier websites who are commissioned (and quite biased) sales reps.


Some of us participating as Experts have household members using service providers other than Republic. In addition to all the things mentioned by @louidi, I’ve been known to suggest alternatives to Republic service either as augments or alternatives where appropriate. Cases in point, include wanting multiple numbers on a single phone or suggesting a standalone landline substitute when Extend Home isn’t the appropriate choice. These are not things agents (for any company) typically do.

It’s not unusual for fellow customers and prospects to thank me (and other Experts) for candor (even when said candor points them away from Republic. To their immense credit Republic has never objected.


As a former expert and former ambassador, there is no way I would label myself unbiased.


Hey we can each judge ourselves. I take every interaction the same way. If the person is coming to ask about Republic, I’m going to tell them about Republic. If what they want from Republic is a bad fit or impossible, I’ll tell them about someone else. I’ll call that unbiased.

To further a point made by @rolandh earlier, in my family we have cell phones on five different carriers (including Republic), because of different user needs.


Thanks for the feedback @cbwahlstrom.

I’ll add here that the Experts didn’t label themselves that way. As manager of the Expert program, I asked Ben to add that word in his post. In addition to the personal knowledge and expertise this group brings to the program, we make every effort to keep the Experts informed so that they have the info they need to answer questions about our phones, our service, and our policies. However, we don’t tell them “what to say” and we stand behind them 100% when they advise a prospective member that Republic is not a good fit. In fact, it’s always funny to watch them go the extra mile and tell the prospective member they are turning away which of our competitors would be a better fit!

The use of the word was meant to underscore that this is not a commissioned sales team. You never have to worry that any of the Experts are going to advise you that the SingSang X4000 is the best phone in our store because of some bonus they’ll get if they meet a sales quota for the month. They’re going to give you their honest opinion without fear of missing a sale, not making some commission leaderboard, or being fired for not bringing in enough customers. They regularly point shoppers to phone sales from other vendors, good deals on quality accessories elsewhere, and the availability of the Republic SIM card on Amazon. And that is all :ok_hand:

I think your perspective is that they are not detached, third-party advisors, and that’s fair. But based on my understanding of the meaning of the word unbiased (and I just double-checked it), I think the word fits the work this team does.


I honestly couldn’t care less whether RW Experts are biased or unbiased. They are knowledgeable, helpful and reliable. Those are the values that matter most to me.

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