Republic Wireless number not accepted for security verification codes on banking sites and by other services


They’re not text enabled so you won’t be able to receive any confirmation texts that way.


If so, wouldn’t that mean that when we’re on the cell network without a WiFi connection we wouldn’t be able to receive texts?


Nope. Those texts come over data rather than via the SMS channel on the phone and don’t touch your carrier number. (True whether on wifi or cellular).


That’s definitely a bummer, and something potential Republic Wireless customers should consider. I don’t know of any short term solution to the problem.


I had this problem with the IRS, a rewards website, as well as credit card companies. This is so annoying and frustrating that I am switching carriers. Voice over is not for me. Good bye RW!


The IRS does accept any prepay number there are lots of MVNOs that like Republic are prepaid, it’s will not take a prepaid from AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, or Sprint either.

Can't verify my identity claiming they do not accept voice over phones

You must have a Post-Paid account from one of the major carriers inorder to do Identity Verification and often these security verification codes. This is because those type of accounts require such invasive Identity Verification to setup…giving your SSI number, and running a credit check and other things. Pre-Paid accounts do not have this. Some services however, for some strange reason, accept Google Voice Numbers.

Having a Post -Paid account inorder to guarantee you can get these text codes and pass Identity Verifications , you will be paying for it big time. The current cost is $80 plus taxes and fees on the big name carriers. For those of us that don’t even use 1GB of mobile data each month, paying that much for those Unlimited data plans is just throwing money away. It may cause a inconvenience in this particular aspect, but this is no fault of the cell carriers themselves…its the FCC’s decision and the services that set such exclusion policies.

I have read here, that Rebuclic has made a bit of headway with contacting a few services and getting them to accept R.W numbers, but it is a up hill battle.


It’s been nearly 11 months since I posted this problem with IRS accepting RW numbers for security verification via SMS.
I thought I’d try the IRS again since it is again tax season.
Anyone using RW and probably other providers will still have the same problem.
Can RW do anything about this?
I’m not Tech enough to suggest a fix, but I’m just the customer.
Here are some screen shots from the IRS web site.


No. Nothing RW can do. Its the IRS that chooses their own policy.
Says it right on your screen shots. “It may NOT be landline, Skype, Google Voice, or a virtual number”. That is their set policy. You should voice your complaint to the IRS and also the FCC.

Anyone with a VOIP number or even prepaid cell account can not make use of such services that require “Identity Verification” via a mobile number.


Hi @dalem.rwuq0f,

With the IRS, it goes beyond the VoIP/landline thing. The IRS doesn’t accept numbers from prepaid service providers because in its language those numbers are not registered in an individual’s name.

The IRS accepts only numbers from postpaid service providers as postpaid service providers do a credit check and, therefore, establish one’s identity.


I haven’t had any problem yet with 2 factor authentication on my RW Galaxy S7 byop by text message through Anywhere with Vanguard, the V.A., my big bank, my credit union, my healthcare system, my bill pay service, etc.