Republic Wireless order tracking?

I have been a satisfied Republic Wireless customer for many years. My aging current phone finally went completely dead on NYE and I ordered a new phone from RW on January 1, with the expectation that it would be shipped “same day” and I would then receive in three business days. Though I was charged for the phone, I had still heard nothing as of today so reached out to Support to see what was up.

A “customer expert” told me that my “order was one of those impacted by a system issue and not shipped. Republic is manually working through all of those orders and will be expediting shipping for them. Hopefully that means you’ll have your device soon.” Hoping to get more concrete info, I tried to escalate that question back to the company level and so far have not heard back.

I tried to call the help number but gave up after an hour on hold.

I initiated a chat with an agent who told me that he was sorry I had not heard anything about my phone, but that a “fix” for the issue had been implemented – and that my phone would ship within 48 hours and would then arrive within 3 to 5 business days. When I expressed frustration that this new timeframe was actually longer than the timeframe associated with the original purchase, he apologized and said that the issue was “site-wide.” I asked if it was possible to cancel the order – he said that was not possible either until the issue was resolved. He then sent me a link to a report where I could follow the status of the issue.

All of which suggests to me that the issue is not actually resolved and that RW actually has no idea where my order is or when it’s going out.

I have not been to this community before and I don’t know what I hope to achieve with this message. I guess I’m just wondering if anyone else has had any success dealing with this issue. I’m very frustrated and wondering if there is light at the end of the tunnel – or should we just cut our losses and switch to a new provider now?

I believe that was me, and your question was escalated to the company. It hasn’t been very long, not even hours since that happened. That said, as I explained Republic agents have no more information about your shipping than I do so I’m afraid you’re going to be disappointed to wait and just be told the same thing.

Apologies – I am not faulting you in any way, I am faulting the company. I agree, it seems as though Republic agents have very little information about what is happening at Republic, which seems like a pretty spectacular failure.

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