Republic Wireless PC picture location

Where does Republic Anywhere store the pictures from the text messages on a Windows PC?

Apparently they are saved on the RW server unless you otherwise save. Windows 10 search of PC didn’t find the file that I sent from non RW phone to my RW Phone, and looked at Anywhere on Win10 … here is screenshot

I dont mean where are they permanently maintained - I’m trying to find the local temp file where local copies are saved.

So apparently they are saved in "C:\Users${current user}AppData\Roaming\Republic Anywhere\ed…\messageMedia
Then the files are just named original in the doc.
It would be nice if all the images could easily be dumpted in a specific folder with a more obvious name like img2018041312030455.000002342.jpg or something so you could easily just get it.
Or at least whey you right click on the photo it wouldn’t just use the name ‘image.jpg’. I would rather it just use a new unique name so I wouldn’t have to name it myself.

You might want to outline what you would like to see here: Official Republic Anywhere Feature Request Thread


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