Republic Wireless phone+Non-RW SIM=No wifi calling

I am currently living in the UK and use my RW SIM from home, on wifi to make calls to the USA, to get voicemail, and to text friends. No problem there.

However, I also have a SIM-only plan with a UK provider for day to day use throughout Europe. Here’s my issue - I cannot make wifi calls on my RW phone with the UK SIM despite wifi calling being included in the plan. It’s like RW had done something to the hardware that blocks this. All 3 RW purchased phones in my household have this problem.

Any help would be appreciated.

Assuming you’re not using a Moto X1, X2, G1, G3, E1 or E2 (which wouldn’t work at all with the foreign SIM) the phones are completely unmodified by Republic. That said, as they are all US Factory Unlocked phones, they may not have the IMS setting profiles required by the UK carrier. Are you getting VoLTE calling with them? If not, that would put it at almost 100% that that’s the case.

While phones these days have most of the global LTE bands, all that means is that they can connect to the networks. Features like wifi calling, VoLTE, Visual Voicemail, etc are configured by the network when the SIM is inserted and cross-region devices often simply don’t work for these “advanced” features.

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Thanks very much for the detailed response. Looks like I’m just out of luck!

Hi @peterd.05dtfv,

Sadly, that’s likely to be the case. If you don’t need to swap back and forth between Republic service on WiFi and local cellular service, you might try uninstalling or disabling (depending upon the phone) Republic’s mobile app. It’s not supposed to interfere when a non-Republic SIM is present (and in my experience doesn’t) but might be worth a shot.

Out of curiosity, is the cellular service supplied by the U.K. SIM lacking in some way? What would WiFi calling using the U.K. SIM accomplish that cellular calling would not?

Roland, Our home is quite remote and we have no cell signal at all. We did recently get high speed internet though making calls and streaming possible. I was hoping to use wifi calling instead of the old copper line. I will try uninstalling the RW app on wife’s phone to see if that works.

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