Republic Wireless Pop Up Shop Not On Google Maps


I tried to find the pop up shop on google maps and couldn’t. I have submitted a request to add it to google maps. I still don’t see it though. Maybe more people have to add it for it to show up?


Expect the change to go live within 48 hours, Google has people verify submissions usually.


Sounds good. I will be on the look out for it.


If you did it while logged in to your google account you will get an email.


Even better.


I added the Pop Up Shop as a Missing Place on Google Maps as well. As data-driven as Google is I suspect having more than one submission may help expedite the approval (but that’s not based on anything other than a personal hunch and certainly no formal source). As @Burusutazu noted let’s hope this is updated in the next couple of days!


Thank you for submitting the requests and trying to get our Pop-Up Shop added to Google Maps! We have done the same and submitted a change of address to point people to the Pop-Up Shop instead of our main office address in Google. We hope to get this approved soon and I will keep a close eye on it. Thanks for being advocates for us and trying to literally put us on the map!!

For the time being, people will have to manually type in our address:

17 E. Martin Street
Raleigh, NC 27601

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