Republic Wireless Propaganda

I found it very disturbing that on my new Republic Wireless phone; when I go to my texting format, my message is preceded with a formatted entry, saying to my recipient, something to the effect, I’m a Republic Wireless consumer, supporting this company and if you sign up you will receive a $30 off offer. WTH??? What kind of ■■ is this? Be Aware!!!

Hi @janp.egszxo,

Welcome to our Member Community, and thanks for sharing your concern.

It sounds like you may have at some point navigated into the “refer a friend” option in the Republic app. It’s meant to be entirely optional, something you can use only if you want an easy way to tell someone about Republic Wireless and give them a discount to get started.

We certainly don’t prepend all your text messages with any content of any sort.


I didn’t think I clicked on something acidentally, but who knows. We’ll see if it happens again. Can you tell me the process to actually make that happen, so I’m informed?

Here’s what I find when I search the Help Center:

Message an
Expert customer