Republic Wireless provides INTERNET SERVICE?

I am TIRED of being conned by my ISP (internet service provider), spec…m, having to pay HIGH fees for “internet” service!!!
WHEN am I going to be able to BUY my ‘internet service’ from Republic Wireless? ???


Hi @surfSalterpath,

I’m sorry to read that you’re having a difficult time with your ISP.
Republic Wireless has no intention of becoming an internet service provider.

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… well, never say never!
lol ~


You might want to peruse this article: Start Your Own ISP, it might put the ‘no’ in a clearer perspective :smile:

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With 5G coming, won’t tethering your computer to your phone and using your phone’s cellular service be just as fast as Broadband, etc.? I frequently tether my laptop to my phone when in hotels as the hotel Wi/fi can be slow and it seems fine for reading email and such. Might be more costly though. I almost never transfer data except at home using my ISP so I never go over 1 GIG with Republic.

  • The promises of 5G are pretty lofty, however I feel it will be some time before we will see it’s full potential. Currently Cellular 4G tops out at a theoretical 100 megabits per second ( *Mbps ), 5G tops out at 10 gigabits per second (Gbps). That means 5G is a hundred times faster than the current 4G technology —at its theoretical maximum speed
  • The frequency’s allotted to 5G Networks are in the higher bands, which translates to shorter distance and poorer building penetration
  • To get the benefits of a 5G Network, our phones will probably need to additionally support WiFi6 so these gains will take time


I hope 5G delivers on its promises. 4G is much too slow for me. The only decent data speed I ever got on my phone is via WiFi. That’s why I don’t buy cell data.

It can vary based on area of course…but on TM network, for anywhere I go for a good 100 miles around me or so, I get way faster speeds than needed. around 100megs down and 70 up very consistently. That was much faster than the home DSL offered to me by my old landline phone company. 4G LTE is more than enough speeds, even for high res video streaming, however, u cant make use of that due to all the big name and big cost “Unlimited” plans that limit video stream to low quality standard definition and that uses very little data.

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