Republic Wireless refundable plan

Getting Wife to come back to RW… Found phone on EBay. Note says - “This phone works with Republic Wireless refundable plan” What does that mean ??

It means it is a very old phone that activates on the old legacy Republic Refund Plan (What Are Republic Refund (2.0) Plans? – Republic Help)

Some cautions. The phone is forever stuck at Android 5.1 Many apps no longer work because of how old it is. The phone works on old network technology that is being slowly shutdown by the carriers. I expect that over time roaming coverage will disappear completely and native coverage will get worse and worse until the point that the phone becomes no longer usable.

Bottom line, I don’t recommend buying the phone.


Hi @richardr.ap6vty,

Welcome back to our Member Community and thank you for bringing your wife back as well.

What kind of phone does your wife have now? Is there a certain price range you’ve budgeted? Maybe our members could help you find a good, compatible phone.

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Hi sorry for the delay,had a problem with PC.
She has a Jitterbug,I have to get a phone.
She just wants simple, inexpensive

There are a couple choices for an inexpensive phone but they are all smart phones.

If you have a Motorola phone, a good choice for her would be the Moto E6.


Thanks I think I will go that way :+1::blush:


We purchased our Moto G3 phone from Republic Wireless almost 4 years ago (brand new), and are still using it. We were disappointed when Republic de-committed the update for the phone to Android 6.0, but have been using Android 5.1 without any major issues. We’re planning on using it for at least another year. If the price is right and the latest and greatest technology is not needed (sounds like your case), then I WOULD recommend buying the phone.

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For your reference, the phone’s manufacturer (in your case Motorola) makes the decisions about when to stop providing updates to phones. That is something that is completely out of Republic Wireless’ control.

Err…well…sort of. In this case many Moto G 3rd gen phones were updated to Android 6.0.1, but Republic Wireless decided not to go forward with an update.


@cbwahlstrom is correct on this. The Moto G3 would have been the sole exception where Republic had the option of working with Motorola and Sprint to release a Marshmallow update. Republic declined (correctly in my opinion) in favor of focusing resources on 3.0 as there was no benefit for 5 of the 6 legacy phones.

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Aha, did not know that. I assumed that when there was an update available, RW pushed it out. It makes sense that this wasn’t always the case in the past. Thanks for letting me know!

This is the only instance I recall of this type. There was an official announcement way back when, but I can’t seem to find it now.

there a note in this help page that states some NON-Republic unlocked version of legacy phones could be update to 6.0 but republic is not version will not pass 5.1 (I believe the Moto G 3rd Gen and Moto X 2nd Gen where both like this)

The only Moto X 2nd gen that got Android 6 was the Pure version. Republic Wireless did not carry or support that version. I had two of them, one still works. Great phones. Thanks for finding the link, though. It’s not the one I was thinking of, but still helpful.

My wife’s version was never marked pure just factory unlocked and has 6.0

Yeah, they weren’t marked. Just marketed as the Pure version. Model XT1095

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and would still qualify as Non-Republic version as stated on that page (I added the non-Republic to my post for clarity)

To be clear NO carrier version of the G3 was updated. Only one version was, the factory unlocked version which Motorola didn’t have to work with any carriers to update.

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Wrong. In the early days, Republic had to put their software in the ‘ROM’, which meant that they had a lot of work to do to release Android OS updates. They (not Motorola) were the ones who sent me an email informing me of their decision NOT to release Android 6.0 on the Moto G3. Motorola released Android 6.0 on other phones, but it is impossible to put it on the Moto 3G without kicking it off of the Republic Wireless Refund environment.

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