Republic Wireless refusing to Port my phone to Tello


Republic is not a traditional cellular service provider. Republic numbers are Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). VoIP is the technology powering the WiFi portion of Republic’s blended WiFi/cell service. The FCC says VoIP numbers are landlines for purposes of porting.


Not true. Republic Wireless uses Bandwidth CLEC as the originating carrier. Bandwidth CLEC is VOIP. That’s the secret sauce behind the Wi-Fi first calling.


However, in this scenario, RW is the losing carrier. The port is taking three days. I blame RW.

Not the right comparison, in this scenario Tello is the gaining carrier, so really RW did it fast the first time and Tello is the slow one now. Sounds like your complaint is against the wrong carrier.


You were porting a number that was classified at that time as a cell number - from Sprint to RW. In this case port would be very quick.

Now, you’re porting a number that has been reclassified as a VoIP number because of its association with RW, which the FCC considers a landline number. This no longer becomes a quick process. It has to be reassigned as a cell number.

Believe me there is no one sitting at a desk and leaving your port request in a tray and ignoring it. This is an automated process.

I get your frustration, if I was in your situation I might be frustrated too. Please be patient.


People stop sticking up for Republic Wireless. I just received an email from Tello saying my phone number transfered to Tello…BUT my device was locked and cannot be activated by Telling. This is nonsense and Republic Wireless is the most unetical company ever. The FCC needs to fine them.


What device(phone) are you trying to bring from R.W to use on Tello?

If it is one of the Legacy phones, (Moto X1, X2; G1, G3; E1,E2) these are R.W. specific devices only compatible with Republic due to the custom R.W firmware on the phone that was required for that generation of service.

Any of the 3.0 Supported phones or BYOP phones are factory unlocked and should be compatible with any other carrier. I am not familiar with Tello, but I would check with them to see if they have a certain defined list of phones they support on their service. (edit: Tello only supports CDMA devices. So a GSM only phone will not work with them, according to their website.)


Look, I typed my IMEI serial number into the set of information for acceptance on portability. It said eligible. It’s a Motto G4. RW originally asked me to change my pin number (because I couldn’t remember mine). The pin number was updated. The portability request was resubmitted on Monday. I have had no less than 5 employees from RW tell me there is nothing delaying the port by RW. People on this site stick up for RW and it’s actions. I think RW is being vindictive and purposely trying to delay matters
Here is the recent email from Tello (Within the last 30 min)

“At this moment your order cannot be fully processed because although your phone number was transfered (ported) successfully to Tello, your device is still locked with your previous provider and therefore we cannot activate the Tello service on your device.”

Tello goes on to ask me to contact RW. How is that possible? I send ticket orders and am told nothing is wrong. There are no contact numbers. If I am getting this treatment from RW, so are others. Tomorrow the FCC and my US Senator John Cornyn can help find out why Republic Wireless employees can turn a simple porting of a phone into a game of delay, mistruths and unpleasantries.

Bottom line is RW is very wrong and a consumer like me is left at their mercy because no contact phone numbers are available. .Perhaps laws need to be changed to prevent injustices from happening.


From what I can tell, it is Tello that is “passing the buck” and not giving you correct information and not wanting to assist you unless you purchased one of their phones from them.
If their eligibility checker stated your phone is compatible, then now they say it is not, that is fault on Tello’s part, not R.W.

Republic does not lock any of their 3.0 phones. It is the same phone model you would buy directly from the manufacture, in this case, Moto.

All the correct information has been posted by folks here, about the back-end process of a number transfer out from R.W., and also that your G4 phone is unlocked and is not a R.W exclusive phone.

I don’t see how we, the community, or R.W themselves, can help you any further, as we have no control or ability to assist with a competitor company setup.

I wish you luck tough.

And complaining to the FCC about VoIP number classification and porting woes is a good thing, as it is most certainly a stupid thing that they classify VoIP as Landline numbers and I very much wish them to update that and get with the times. Would make life for R.W customers as well as others much easier.


It is compatible even the sim card is compatible. Republic wireless just is desperite to keep customers. The IMEI number, SIM Number were all compatible. Republic Wireless is just an unethical, and dishonest company. Even there own topic search discussion said phone was transferable AND REPUBlIC WiRELESS DOES NOT LOCK PHONES CDMA ELIGIBLE BYOP phones. I never said I wanted to buy a phone. SO WHY DID RW LOCK MY PHONE AND VIOLATE THEIR WRITTEN POLICY. My phone, phone number, Phone IEMI, phone sim number was ran though a eligibility check. I know because I entered the numbers myself and the phone was listed as eligible for porting. It’s obvious that people on this site are employees , or biased opinioned people who think RW has no responsibility. Why doesn’t someone on this site help find an RW employee who could contact Tello, or unlock my phone. Telling can’t contact RW because there is no phone number. Other Tello emails and requiests to RW to resolve the issue have been.ignored.


Speeding cheetah FYI Tello says my phone is compatible. It’s RW that placed the lock on my phone. How is that Tellos fault? After all, RW violated it’s in policy when placing the block in my BYOP transfer eligible phone.


Republic does not put locks on their 3.0/4.0 Phones, the reason why Tello is say it’s locked is mostly due to the fact your it both Tello and Republic are using the same CDMA partner (Sprint) and that partner is telling Tello that that phone is already active with them (we seen it a few time before and If I recall correctly the solution was to put a GSM SIM in the phone removed it from the Sprint system (I do not believe it needs to be activated on GSM but just installing a GSM SIM)
here a thread with a similar issue (though no reall solution was in it RW is telling me my Moto g4 is unlocked and disiabled but new carrier is telling me it’s still active. Help, please!
edit here another thread Unlocked phone? I bought my phone from republic and I want to put another’s company sim card


Likewise, please stop ascribing your interpretation of the motivations for what I write. It is not my intent to defend Republic but rather explain as best I understand the circumstances.

Transferring a phone number and activating a phone are separate things. Seemingly, the former has been accomplished and, frankly, it was done within a reasonable period of time. Regarding the latter, I concur with @drm186’s diagnosis. Given your phone is deactivated now that Tello has the number, you might try resetting your phone’s cellular configuration. To do so, dial *#*#72786#*#*, then follow onscreen prompts. Once done, ask Tello if they’re now able to activate your phone.

If Tello is still unable to activate your phone, please continue to work the issue with Republic support via your help ticket. I’m confident they’ll get it resolved as they have zero interest in not doing so. Holding your (or anyone’s) number and/or phone hostage wouldn’t be worthwhile. Why would Republic deliberately want to attract the FCC’s attention?


I didn’t see where you mentioned what model phone you have, if your phone is a Moto X1 or 2, E1 or 2, G1 or 3, they are not compatible with any other service, only RW. This is because RW uses it’s own ROM. It has all that VoIP software built into it. Sort of like Kindle being different from Android tablets.

If you have a newer phone, to make things easier for yourself, ask Tello for one of their CDMA SIM cards. I doubt, and could very well be wrong here, that the RW SIM card would work with Tello regardless of what they say.


Hi @erickf.woqvfw,

I’m sorry was not available as you were posting here earlier today. I’ve reviewed your ticket and I understand that you are frustrated with what you’ve been going through, but I want to assure you that your conclusions that Republic wireless is unethical and dishonest and desperate to keep members are incorrect, even thought it’s understandable you might feel that way in the emotion of what you’re going through.

We are always willing to work with our current and former members to help them get the service they need, no matter if that means transferring to another company. We do whatever we can to help them get their number moved to the new company. We do not lock the phones we sell.

It does not serve us or our members to try to somehow force them to stay unhappily with us. That’s not our way of doing business.

The reason we have been unable to help is because we do not understand why Tello is telling you the phone is locked. It simply is not locked and there’s no way we can unlock something that isn’t locked.

We’ll be glad to help you keep trying to get your phone and number moved to Tello, but we’ll need you to work through this with us calmly so we can get things figured out.


I see Tello offers barely competitive plans and apparently dubious customer service. Then I notice they offer “free” calls to China. I am done here.


I ported from Sprint to RW this month, on two different lines. One line took about 36 hours. The other took 90 hours. It may have been quicker 5 years ago, but that was not my experience.


IDK if this has been resolved but it sounds like this guy may have sim locked his device by mistake??? anyway I hope this helps.


I had the same issue late last year moving to Verizon (who certainly knows how to port numbers). I finally gave up, let VZ assign me a new number. I then set up a good voice number and ported my RW number to it, only took minutes. I set google to forward all calls to the new VZ number, then 2 days later I ported the now google number to VZ. Again it only took an hour or so. Convoluted but effective. Good luck


You were able to directly port your Republic number to Google Voice? I’m most interested because this is the first I’ve heard of GV’s willingness to port VoIP numbers (Republic numbers are VoIP). Quoting from Google’s documentation linked here:

Corporate, landline, Internet-based (VoIP), and some other numbers can’t be transferred.


Sorry to take so long to reply. I thought that was the original problem with getting it to go to VZ and figured it wouldn’t ha[[en on Google either. But it went without any questions or problem from RW to Google. Good luck