Republic Wireless Relay+ Review

Good article in PC Magazine – Republic Wireless Relay+ Review

Just wanted to share!


Very interesting and informative review, I am surprised that we haven’t seen something from Republic on this? Also of note 'has the option to operate on the AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint networks'

If the mention of AT&T’s network is what piqued your interest, there may not be as much to that as it would seem. To the best of my knowledge, Relay does indeed offer a data only AT&T data network SIM via GigSky. It’s not the same as a direct partnership with AT&T.


Actually, it was the Enterprise connection the product provided that interested me the most. There are probably many users/evangelist among the community that may find this interesting … there are still companies out there that listen to their employees :slight_smile:

Relay’s landing page highlights the commercial offering (and has for some time). While I agree there may be some cross-interest for those using Republic service, for better or worse, Republic Wireless the company as opposed to the service has chosen to treat Relay as if it were an entirely separate operation.

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