Republic Wireless Review 2018


very favorable review


It appears as though the reviewers are affiliates. Nothing wrong with that, but I like it better when the reviewer discloses it.


Our Experience on Republic Wireless

Three different members of our family are long-time Republic Wireless users. Each has a different phone and different plan. The original firmware had some problems, and we did experience the occasional dropped call when moving from WiFi to the cellular network. Other than that, the quality of calls over WiFi has been very good, with no noticeable decline in call quality when compared to cellular calls.

The recent updates have greatly improved the service. Dropped calls are increasingly rare, and the overall experience is comparable to the other major cellular providers. The only difference is that Republic is much more affordable and innovative. Other cellular companies are still trying to charge 2-3x the price of Republic’s unlimited talk and text plan.

The reviewer never conclusively states the 3.0 phones use no custom firmware. Updates to the firmware? Only says earlier new phones are unlocked. We know there’s no firmware involved with the 3.0 phones but does the average Jen or Joe reading it?

Typical of most RW reviews I’ve read that has one or more inaccuracies…


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