Republic Wireless selling/trading my contact data?


While logging in my account I have to accept new terms and conditions before I get access. Maybe I am the one that tries to read and understand the terms but this sentence of legalize is very concerning to me.

“You provide us the phone numbers of Your other contacts in Your mobile phone address book on a regular basis. You confirm You are authorized to provide us such numbers to allow us to provide the Additional Services.”

Who will getting my contact data and why? Is there a way to opt-out of these “Additional Services” without cancelling the contract? I don’t think I am authorized to provide those numbers, some of these are private numbers of employees of three letter agencies.


Hi @uridium

I like to look at things on the glass is half full side. While Republic Wireless could do nefarious things with out data, that specific part is from the Anywhere Terms and Conditions | Republic Wireless

Specifically, Republic Anywhere can help you sync your contacts from your phone to the PC so when using anywhere on your computer, you can see names instead of numbers.

The additional service in this case is Republic Anywhere where you can use your Republic number to send text messages from a computer (PC Mac etc, or another mobile android / ios device). In this case, Republic Anywhere is outside the core function of Republic Wireless providing calling, texting, and data services so all you need to do is not use Republic Anywhere if you don’t want to. :slight_smile:

By Your electronic acceptance of these Additional Terms or by You installing, accessing, or using Republic Wireless Anywhere (referred to herein as “Republic Wireless Anywhere” or “Additional Services”) You agree to the following Additional Terms:

I sometimes hate legalize too because they are really vague


I never signed up for Republic Anywhere . I just signed up for the $15 Republic My Choice talk and text and I don’t need anything else.


Sure thing! I understand.

I don’t remember the last time I had to agree to the terms but you can find them here in the legal section Legal | Republic Wireless

Republic Anywhere is there if you wish to utilize it in the future but for now, if you don’t use it, the terms don’t apply. (The contact sync actually occurs with the Republic Anywhere app so if you don’t install that either, it shouldn’t even get synced). You also have the option in Android phones to double check and ensure that the permission to get contacts is off. The only permissions Republic needs is to make calls, send text messages, and record your voice so you can talk to other people.


I found a way to access my account settings without accepting those terms and conditions.
Just used my ad-blocker to remove the “!-- rw.core.directives.modal: unaccepted-terms --” part from the page. :wink:

It would be a lot smarter to have subscribers accept those terms when they first start the Republic Anywhere app or access that specific function.