Republic Wireless shines with Moto G7

Just wanted to pass along the kudos to Republic Wireless and team for the seamless transition from my old Moto X to a new Moto G7.

It was flawless and even better then the migration from the Defy!

Continue to love Republic Wireless and the money they save me!


Thanks for the kind words @pirate96!

Is there anything in particular you’re already preferring about the Moto G7 over the Moto X?

Nothing special. Just basic functions like turbo charging and typical updates in technology.


What’s your take on the fingerprint reader?
As a die-hard Moto X fan who is married to the act of waving at my phone to see the notifications light up, a fingerprint sensor that’s located back and center hasn’t yet warmed its way into my heart.


I actually like the back of the phone fingerprint reader. It is working better then the G6 my wife has.

That said my waving of anything on the Moto X ended long ago as well as most of the other “features” did as well. No working “OK google” for several years, but was OK with it.

Hopefully this lasts until RW picks up a Nokia Android One phone.

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For around the same price of a moto x, we are now getting tech that’s upgraded by many many iterations. Moto x had a few extra bits though, like NFC. But it doesn’t make much of a difference to me. I’m feeling a strong pull towards the G7 even though I just got a G6 like a month ago lol. But I agree with southpaw on the fingerprint sensor. Not feeling it. Its half as good as one on the front or side even. But G7 is a huge jump in performance from the G6. So there are many plus points to the G7. I’ll wait until I can get a G7 with a cracked screen at a good price to fix it. Same thing I did with the G6. Good value that way.

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I’m not a fan of the new Moto G7. I have previously owned a Moto G1 and Moto G5 Plus. The Moto G7 is a battery hog and the speaker comes out at the bottom of the phone making it a lot more difficult to watch a video and hear it at the same time. I’m regretting getting the phone before reviews were out to help make a good decision.


I agree 100% with this statement, R.W. makes it easy to transition to a new phone.
We updated both phones recently to new phones, and it was ULTRA-EASY.
I was worried about it, but it turned out to be a non-issue!
Our new phones are really fast and hold charges so much better than the old Moto X1/X2 phones we had.
Thanks R.W.!


I just retired my 3+ year old Moto G3 and LOVE MY moto G7 from RW.
The unpacking and initialization took all of 1 hour.
Thanks RW for this “staff pick”.

I’ve got the moto G3 on eBay to hopefully get $65 or more for it.


I just upgraded from a G3 to a G7 that I got off of Amazon. I like it so far.

The fingerprint reader on the back isn’t all that bad. It’s out of the way enough that I’m not likely to accidentally unlock it but easy enough to reach in most cases. The only disadvantages to it are that convenience always comes at the cost of security and you literally have to have the phone in your hand to unlock it that way. You can, of course, still use a pin as an alternate way to unlock it, should you be unable to scan your fingerprint for some reason. This may seem obvious but it lets you add multiple fingerprints, regardless of whether they’re yours or not.

The battery doesn’t seem to hold up much better than my G3 did but it charges a lot faster, so that’s nice.

The pre-installed version of Alexa is supposed to work hands free and it seems to, for the most part. I haven’t really done much testing yet but it works about as you would expect it to. It’s a little odd you have to use a separate app to setup the hands free. While typing this I did a random test and asked Alexa to tell me a joke, she had Jimmy Fallon tell me a joke about a horse that was so cringe and yet still funny. I just don’t even.

Inserting an SD card into the G7 took a little time and effort because I was afraid I was going to break the holder tray before I’d get it to fully snap in but I managed to get it in. The sim card went in without any effort though.

The biggest time sink for me was moving my apps (particularly authenticators) over to the new phone. It’s too bad you can’t just migrate most app settings along with everything else.

There’s a number of minor software improvements in android that I like. Icon groups can now have multiple pages to them. I kind of wish they hadn’t rearranged the settings so much but the search feature helps with that.

All in all, I’m just glad to see the phone doesn’t struggle so hard to handle basic apps like the G3 would. I can’t tell you how often Google Maps would freeze up or crash on my G3 but it runs flawlessly on the new G7. Apps like Amazon and Walmart would kill the battery and even make my G3 hot but the G7 handles them casually. Of course, new phones all start out that way and then power creep happens where apps keep demanding more resources until your phone can’t handle it anymore. I’m sure the same battery draining apps drain the G7 battery too but the fact they aren’t likely to keep resources like the CPU pegged at 100% while idle will probably help the battery to last a bit longer. I literally couldn’t expect more than a few hours of battery on the G3 with either of the previously mentioned shopping apps installed, even without actively using them.

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Did Lenovo ever manage to fix the low volume issues on this one? Volume levels on G5 / G6 are terrible

I am not seeing any low volume issues with mine. It’s a good as my previous Pixel.

I have not heard any complaints about low volume on either of the two G7’s in the household. To be fair no complaints on the G6 in the same either.

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