Republic Wireless: Still the Best



I just want to write this here to express my gratitude to Republic Wireless and the great service they’ve given me since I started with them. I recently was in the position of needing a new phone after I accidentally broke my old one. I saw a new phone in the Republic shop that I thought was good, but it turned out to be out of stock and no longer available for back order. I received an unexpected notification from Republic almost immediately. They apologized for not having the phone in stock and they offered me a partial credit towards any other phone they had available. This helped me pay the cost towards an even better phone than the one I was going to get! I could not be happier. Beyond a good set of phones and excellent service, Republic Wireless still takes the top spot for some of the best plans available. Everywhere I go, I get looks from people when I tell them about what I pay for wireless service. Sometimes, I feel it’s just too generous. So thank you to everyone at Republic Wireless. I hope that one day, millions more will sign on and come to enjoy the same service I do.


I totally agree. While RW may not be the cheapest for some users (high data with big family plans), it’s perfect for us. We have had zero problems with our 2 phones, and have now upgraded to the 3.0 plans with the Moto G5+. I have the GSM carrier and my wife has the CDMA carrier. That gives us the best combined coverage when traveling. When we’re in an area with only one carrier, either phone can become a hotspot for the other. The Wi-Fi-First feature of RW has kept our monthly bill around $40 for two phones.

The best part, however, are the volunteers who provide a level of support on these forums not found anywhere else.

Republic, keep up the good work!


Hi @TheDH,

Thanks so much for taking the time to write about your experience! Your comments have been shared across our team to be sure everyone is aware that the work done to make this offer available is appreciated.


Thanks @davidw.ctd2jy! Our Community is a vital part of our support model, and we genuinely appreciate those who contribute here!


@TheDH and @davidw.ctd2jy It’s so nice to read your reviews. This community is a part of what makes Republic great. I’ve been around a number of years, and I can attest that Republic truly does care! Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences.


RW is still the best for me too. I signed up back in Nov. 2013, because I could no longer afford my Verizon smartphone plan (then $90 a month). They wouldn’t allow a smartphone to be used without a data plan, and I didn’t NEED data, but I still wanted a fun phone. So I received a Moto X 1st Gen. as an early Christmas present, and had a great new plan that was saving me over $75 a month.

It’s 4 years later, and I’m on the 3.0 plan (and 3rd phone on that plan…I have no self-control sometimes when it comes to gadgets). I used a Moto X Pure Edition for a while, then couldn’t pass up an Amazon deal on a Moto G5 Plus 64GB, then went BACK to the Pure to see if that would help my cell coverage when I was out of state. Now I’m using a pre-owned Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. I haven’t had a “flagship” phone in a long time, and it’s quite a treat. The display is gorgeous (turns out I really missed the blown-out, unnatural, exaggerated colors and deep blacks on an AMOLED display!), and it’s really fast, with lots of RAM and a big battery, so I’m enjoying it. I was so close to buying a Moto Z, but it is only a GSM phone, and I’m not in the best area for that, so I went for one that could do it all.

I just recently put in what is only my 2nd ticket since joining RW, to request a CDMA SIM, since there’s better coverage in my area and where I travel to using the CDMA carrier, and that went well. Everything else I had questions about I just read here on the Community forum. Maybe a couple times a year, I buy myself a bit of data, but usually I’m wifi only, so the plan is ideal for me. I’m not a big data user, I don’t have kids, and I like that my voice calls will roam if needed…something most of the other MVNOs I’ve read about or tried don’t offer, so I lose that sense of security I have here. And of the 2 other MVNOs I’ve tried, making or receiving calls is really hit or miss…way too scary! So for ME, there is no competition. The only thing better would be if Samsung would unlock my bootloader…didn’t know that mine is the only model they have locked up. LOL. But that ain’t RW’s problem. And my biggest issue I have with an unrooted phone (ad blocking) has been better since I took to using Opera Mini and Firefox as browsers for some sites, instead of Chrome.

So, short story long…I’m very pleased here too!


It is not hard to find cheaper service or cheap phones from somewhere else, but it is hard to find any service provider like RW.


I’ll agree 100%.

There are so many benefits/services/policies and flexibility that add to RWs value. Perhaps RW should create a table or other graphic to bring some of those to the attention of members.

The grass may appear greener on the other side until folks want to do some account changes, simple at RW but may be not allowed or come with a cost at the lower priced providers. Have been there and done that.