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Guest post from Republic Wireless Director of Operations, Jerry J. I often get asked a series of questions – How does Republic Wireless provide support? What does Republic Wireless support look like? What does Republic Wireless support do? These questions come from the business community, from friends or neighbors, but most importantly, they come from you… The smart consumers who want to be assured that they are choosing a cell phone service provider that offers a quality product, and is there when you need help. I am here to say that Republic Wireless support is best in class, and I…


If you really wanted to provide the kind of support you claim you do you would make a human available to speak with by phone. Chasing a disappearing and reappearing chat window to have a truncated communication with a tech who does not seem to know the basics adds an additional layer of irritation to
an already convoluted process. Get a human on a phone and the world instantly becomes a better place (not least because you will solve the problem in one tenth the time without the need of two techs and a supervisor) and you will have the small pleasure that comes from working directly with another human to solve a problem. Get a phone humans can reach and it will be one small step toward serenity in an
un-serene world.

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AMEN Michael, i have been a RW member since the first year RW started,… and I can not tell you the times I have lost service and money simply because RW refuses to have a HUMAN respond to questions, a real human at a phone number accessible to its members who pay every month for its service members who have been loyal for many many years , and they deserve such respect! RW can say well they were just starting up, and did not have the resources too man phones with humans, but that excuse is far … way far gone by now. I have gotten many friends to join RW … and every time their first excuse for cancelling RW is that RW does not care enough about their members to even have a TRUE SERVICE DEPARTMENT. At 5 years they sent me a t shirt , but since they were bought out … nothing i have been a charter member, but still today , even with all the problems we overlook we are just as disrespected as current members… i am changing service providers soon … i cant believe after all these years we are still just looked as nothing but dollar symbols

Hi @michael4250,

Our award-winning Help Center is staffed by compassionate, trained technicians who are available all day, every day, to assist our members. They work hard to make sure any issues are resolved, all questions are answered, and your concerns are addressed; and they do so with kindness and patience. They truly care about providing our members with the best possible support.

Our support begins online for a number of reasons. Online support allows us to assign each issue to the appropriate team without having to transfer a phone call numerous times. It allows our technicians to research an issue before sending a reply to the member. And it allows our members to go on about their lives rather than sitting on hold until the next available representative can get to their call.

However, we also understand that there are times when questions can be better addressed over the phone, and our Help Team always has the freedom to move the conversation to a phone call at the member’s request, or whenever the Help Team feels doing so would make matters easier.

No matter whether our Help Team is replying in writing or on the phone, the help you are receiving comes from a “live person” who strives to serve our members well.


Hi @roberth.3s27u6,

We’re sorry to hear that you have experienced issues that have cost you money, but I want to clarify that no issue you may have experienced would be caused by any failure to staff humans in our Help Center. We staff only real humans on our help team.

They are hardworking, compassionate people who care about our members. They serve our members with respect and dignity, and they are always glad to get on the phone with you if you prefer a phone conversation to an online conversation.

We absolutely care enough about our members to have an award-winning Help Center staffed all day, every day by hard-working humans.

We’re glad you were able to participate in our 5-year celebration and receive a T-shirt. We’ve never been sold or bought out by anyone, and we do not feel that any of our members, neither the long-time members, nor those who joined today, deserve to be disrespected.

I work with a team of managers, engineers, support specialists, and analysts who constantly look for ways to bring value and improved service to our members. We recently added Extend Home to our My Choice plan for only the price of the adapter - the additional service of a home telephone system costs nothing more, it’s included in your My Choice plan for free. We didn’t do this because we see our members as dollar symbols, but because our engineers saw a way to add value to our service and provide an additional feature our members could enjoy, and wanted to do so without raising prices for our members. We recently improved our Spam-blocking feature, and that improvement comes with additional costs to us, as well as the time that went into developing the feature. But we did that to improve the Republic Wireless experience for you and all our members, and we did it without adding any fees or raising our prices. It’s included in our My Choice plan. These examples may not be as meaningful to you as receiving some additional token in the mail, but we feel they add far more value for our members than a magnet or a drink coozie, and we hope that our members will understand that these additional features, and the other projects we work on every day, are our way of showing that we do value and respect the members we are here to serve.


You just don’t get it, do you.

I am happy with your service. You show you care. I believe the issue I recently had address was cared for better than some other companies would have.


I have been a customer since Oct 2014. I must say that the phone service has been great, even used it on Pikes Peak in Colorado 11,000+ ft up. had reception when others did not. I would like to know who, how, or when the decision is made to actually get to speak to a person on the phone for help with an issue. Some times an answer could be explained more easier than the messages back & forth. I have tried to get what I consider a simple answer & ended up frustrated because the answers I received in replies did not apply to my question. I recently purchased the Home extender & had dificulty getting it to work. I did get an answer back through support msg, but it took several days before I was successful in fixing it. I believe speaking to someone would have answered that with one call. I have also recently taken advantage of paying for the year in advance. That is an excellant business decision for you & the customers. Thanks for listening

I have no problems with the humans helping, but agree that being able to reach a human on the phone, troubleshoot, and resolve something the same day would be a much more user-satisfying and much less time-wasting experience. The support system is very frustrating. My recent example, a community “expert” tells me one thing (X); then the case is escalated to staff, who tell me to try A, B, and C, but that X is not the issue; I try A,B,and C, and then staff tells me it’s X! A week later, still waiting for resolution of my issue. I think it’s coming soon in the mail, but had this been addressed on day 1, I’d have it by now.

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Hi @thomase.c,

Thank you for being a longtime member and for sharing some positive feedback, both are appreciated.

All of our agents and members can make this decision. Simply request to work by phone in your ticket. Please don’t open a ticket that just says “call me.” We need information about what the issue is in order to assign the ticket to the appropriate team and for the agents who wlll be helping you to research the issue.


Hi @deborahk.nldkuc,

I’m sorry to hear you’ve had an issue that has taken some time to figure out, and I will review your ticket to look into why the Expert’s recommendation was dismissed initially, as our Help Team does not usually do that.

While it feels like talking to someone on the phone would bring a quicker resolution, a phone call would still involve the same Help Team who still need to troubleshoot the issue, which can take some trial and error and, sometimes, an extended period of time to resolve.

I hope whatever is coming in the mail fully resolves the issue you’ve been experiencing


I have had phone service from Republic for qujite a while now (about 8 years, I think) and at first I was a little worried about there not being a support phone number. I used thed support site, and on a couple of occaisions opened tickets to resolve issues. I received a quick response that solved my issues, or a quick response that I was able to reply to with more info, which then resulted in a solution. It was then that I realized how awesome it was to not have to hang out on hold forever (like I had to do with my previous provider) on the phone, and end up with a quicker solution with less stress (because there’s nothing like being on hold forever, then finally getting a “real person” when your lunch break is over, or dinner is ready, or it’s bedtime for the kids, and you have to terminate the call and start over!!). Thanks for this model of service!


Thank you so much for the straightforward answer. It is refreshing to know that a request can be made. Saying this, I realize that puts the burden on me to make sure my request would is not generic or everytime. Thank you again for your help.


Service has been good in the past, but a recent situation was troublesome. First, I never seemed to get a technical person directly. I only went back and forth through the customer service rep I received a set of instructions for diagnosis that did not work. I corresponded back and got a second set of instructions that were either different or the first set was incomplete. Neither answered all my questions on the problem. It also seemed that two service tags were opened. Well, I got the device working without the help of a diagnosis, but asked for more info. Never heard back again except asking if I wanted to close the ticket.

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I like others that have posted here I have been with RW almost since their beginning. I don’t know why it is that companies/people today seem to think because they say it or write it it is so. RW’s support in all my years with phone companies has been the worst. Not being able have a person to person “talking” ability has made resolving problem with their service frustrating to say the least and the only reason I have stayed with them is the cost of the plan which if I change my phone (Moto X 1st gen) I loose. I can’t get a new phone because “as they put it” it won’t work on the plan I have. I am now research/trying out Comcast’s plan which is as cheap or cheaper and so far it looks like I will be taking my 4 plans to Comcast as RW just seems to want to push you out of their older good plans let alone their poor support.

Having an inbound phone number is no panacea. I’m on hold right now with UPS and have been for the last 50 minutes. I’m trying to track down an apparently lost package that should have been delivered (by UPS’ own admission) 2 days ago. To even get through to an agent, I had to lie. If one tells UPS they wish to speak with an agent about “tracking a package”, they’re told no agents are available for that due to COVID-19. Select you want to order supplies and you’re connected immediately. Sadly, the agent I was connected to needed to transfer me to a “supervisor” hence the hold time.

At the end of the day, for me, it’s less about the method of how support is delivered and far more about the folks providing the support. Is Republic perfect, certainly not. That said, my experience, is the folks representing Republic make an honest effort to do right by Republic’s customers and generally succeed.

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I am another long-time RW customer who worried a bit initially about support without a phone number to call. Over many years, I have had several issues, most of which were resolved either with a search of the community or reasonably quick and useful community replies. A couple more serious questions were quickly resolved by techs at RW. I have spent far more time in frustrating phone trees and holds than with the online service offered here. Thanks!


There have been several times that I needed live assistace on the phone with a live human. It is extremely difficult to obtain this level of support with Republic. I have been a Republic Wireless for a reasonably long time. The last time I tried to get support was a disaster. It was emails back and forth and the prolem was never solved. I finally gave up and went to Spectrum Wireless where there are American English speakers to provide service and it costed me $0.50 more per month than Republic but to get live human support is worth the small price increase.So Republic Wireless, if you really want to provide better support, you will have human support as a customer support.

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When I don’t understand what I’m told to do to fix my phone, I have to write again and wait for a response. This can go on and on and eventually I give up. This doesn’t happen when talking directly to someone as you can immediately say “how do I reboot my system?”. I stay with Republic because I like being able to get calls over internet when I travel but as others start to offer that, I may go where I can talk to a human.

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Hi @deborahw.smx4oo,

If the written instructions our Help Team sends do not provide enough guidance, please just let the Help Team know that you need over-the-phone assistance.

Message an
Expert customer