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I have been following RW for several years but only recently decided to give it a try. My situation was that I needed a new phone and have been using a VZW MNVO along with GV but wanted to test things out.

My first interaction was trying to order a new phone and sim kit online. I live in a very rural part of northern Ca. and do not have a mail box. I do have a physical address but all mail must be picked up at my local Post Office. I get a free PO Box because we have no mail delivery but the post office is less than 1/2 mile form my home.
Well unknown to me you can not order anything from RP and have it shipped to a PO Box nor could I use a credit card with the same address for billing. So I went online and asked the rep how to proceed. The rep was very accommodating and said no problem I will Mail you one out personally and I should be able to activate it using My PO Box address.
I ended up ordering my phone from somewhere else because of the billing issue but that was OK I just needed a Sim kit for RP.
After about 4 or 5 days I received my sim kit and was ready to activate but once again I could not do this because of my PO Box and also the e911 address would not confirm so I was stuck.
Once again I went on line and asked for help and was assured they would get me activated one way or another. After several attempts to help me through this the rep suggested I use a different address even if it was not my true address for now. I told him I had a relative who lives close by and could use that address but at first even that would not work so he escalated it to advanced tech support for a solution. He told me that normally as long as I use a verified address the billing was not and issue but it seemed to be not so for me. He wiped out my account and had me start over but still it seemed to not work. He assured me that I would hear back shortly with a solution so I said OK I would wait a bit.
Well after about 30 minutes I decided to try something on my own just for kicks I used the alternate address and it verified and then entered my credit card info but left the billing address as the alternate instead of my actual PO Box address and everything activated.
Not more then 5 minutes later I got a phone call from the rep originally helping me and he started to tell me to do just what I already did on my own and I told him I had done it on my own already.
I then told him that my issue is that my e911 address is still wrong and needed to be updated but even if I only list my physical address leaving off the PO Box it could not be changed. He told me he would escalate this up the tech chain and was sure they could get it resolved.
The next morning I woke up and had and email from RP tech support saying they had been able to do something on there part and could ow update my e911 address to my actual real physical address. I was able to do this and now have everything set up correctly.

I know this was a long explanation but thought I would give a complete account of things so others could appreciate how proactive RP has been for me. I give them an A+


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Hope this helps and we all hope to hear just what Republic did to “go above and beyond” as your tile indicates.

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I believe this should post be part of the #kuodos for this month.

@davefred99, I’m glad you had such a good time with customer support. Welcome ot the Republic Wireless community. :slight_smile:


Northern California eh?

I hope that is not near where those crazy wild fires are.
The news said the current fire is the worst they have had in history.

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