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What’s not shown above?
That the 2,357 stories are mostly from 1 person (a Republic Expert and Community Ambassador)

The problem: Most of us don’t get up early enough to see something that would be of interest to the Community before @louisdi has already flipped it to this Flipboard magazine. :blush:
Flipboard is an aggregation service that serves many magazines, a few categories from the ‘What’s your passion?’ section are shown below (there are literally 1000’s to choose from

  • You can even make your own magazine, it can be private or shared as you choose. (I have one that I just drop stuff into, to read later … 2 clicks)

Solution & Challenge
Accept this invitation to Flipboard, become a reader, and hopefully a contributor, or use it as an intro … see if you can learn something new or share something from your own pashion
Thanks and enjoy,

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