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Love your tablet or hotspot but hate your contract? Now, you can enjoy the device you love for a whole lot less with the data-only SIM from Republic Wireless. Whether you’re taking a road trip, traveling to the US from overseas, or need a data-connection in a vacation home, the data-only SIM offers an easier (and more affordable) solution than signing up for a long-term data contract. The Unlimited Data-Only SIM gives you 20GB of high-speed 4G LTE data (slowed after 20GB) per month. Buy a 30 or 90 day SIM, insert it into your tablet or hotspot and you’re all…

Supported Bands (Radio Frequencies) for Republic's New Data Only SIM
20.00 shipping for a data card?
New from Republic Wireless: A data-only SIM card
New from Republic Wireless: A data-only SIM card
Q4 2018: What's New at Republic Wireless

Can the data sim be used internationally? I am travelling outside the country, to Israel, in the near future. I have an unlocked GSM phone and would like to use it while I’m there - for data only.


I am happy to see this is now available. Looking forward to being able to auto-renew monthly without replacing the sim card each month. The amazon store does not show a large number of sim cards in stock. This would make it difficult to depend on getting a sim card each month.


Can the data sim be used internationally

Republic does not have international coverage so this is a US base data only


Just keep in mind the auto renewal is still just a 3 month SIM and would need to be swapped out quarterly


Can I buy 4 of the 90 day Sims and have a year’s worth of data? I move around a lot and it’s always difficult to get packages, so being able to amass a stack of these guys for a longer period would be ideal.


As mentioned by @drm186, Republic offers no cellular coverage of any kind outside the U.S. Furthermore, there is no roaming data with the data only SIM in the U.S. It will work only where there is native GSM coverage.


No. Not at the same time. And this product is not for that purpose.
As the product description states, the SIM is meant for one time use and service starts at day of delivery.
So if you bought 4, then they all expire on the same day.
You would have to buy 1x 90 card, then later(say 85 days later), order and get delivered a new card a day or 2 before the first card expires.


I think RW should rethink international roaming.
I pay $30 something per month with T Mobile, for a 6GB data only hotspot, which also gives me 3G data internationally - basically its no-WiFi insurance for the USA and really useful for travelling outside the USA.


This is neat, but I would be more interested if I did not have to change out SIM cards every 30-90 days. If I were to design this service I would be able to pop in a SIM and be able to add\cancel\change service just as I can for my RW phone. Needing to change the SIM card out seems like some kind of compromise due to a technical issue on the back-end, not designed that way for customer convenience.

The only scenario I can see the temporary SIM cards working for me is in a situation where an impulsive buy can be made at a physical location. For example, a gas station, you’re on a long trip, and between the gum and candy bars is 20GB of data you can buy and use right now. Even in this scenario I would prefer to be able to just keep using the SIM and make additional data purchases online.


@ scotts.8yge26
This is a “test” product by RW, as stated in their blog post.
The product being one time use data SIM.
In this design and purpose, it is a excellent offering.
Completely independent of RW signup, account or even activation.

What it is not, is a monthly use Data SIM that is an addon to your phone line.
That is made very clear by the product description.


Thanks for the clarification.


You’re most welcome!

Your best bet is probably an Israeli service provider. Unfortunately, I’m unable to suggest one from experience. You might also look at Three (a service provider I have used when traveling in Europe). Three does offer international roaming to Israel (among other locations). Three’s website is here:


Cool, well, I hope they find their market!


Can you recommend a hot spot device and can I purchase on Amazon?


I second this request.


I am probably in the minority, but this would be more expensive for me. Currently I get 1 Gb per month for $20. That’s usually plenty, since I follow the RW model of being on/near wifi most of the time…


Has anyone at Republic Wireless ever tested the data only sim card on any GSM Hotspot? Does the sim card work? What are the average results?


Here are some that would work:

New from Republic Wireless: A data-only SIM card

While all three would work, the ZTE is an older device, which supports HSPA+ but not LTE. Though widely considered 3G or 3.5G technology, HSPA+ was for a time marketed as 4G.

The linked Alcatel and Netgear support LTE with Republic’s GSM network partner on Bands, 2, 4 and 12. HSPA+ is reasonably fast but I’d opt for the newer LTE standard.