Republic Wireless Unlimited Data-Only SIM


I have to agree. I do not have a data plan currently, but can add data for $5/GB as needed. $30 would get me 6GB, way more than enough for my general uses when not near wifi. I’m hard-pressed to think of a usage where this is a more viable option that simply using a phone’s hotspot feature.


I have two wifi only IPADs and a laptop, if I buy one of the hotspots mentioned above and add the RW SIM would I be able to get data on my IPADs and laptop? I travel a lot to places where the free WIFI is more of a pain than a help. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.


In a word, yes!. I suggest purchasing either the Alcatel or the Netgear. The ZTE model is older and doesn’t support LTE.


Thanks rolanh, you just made my Christmas!! I have been looking for a inexpensive solution for a year. I am ordering the Netgear tonight!!!


What it is not , is a monthly use Data SIM that is an addon to your phone line.

I currently have an RW phone, cell service, and add data as needed. Am I able to use purchase a Data SIM only to insert into my existing RW phone and still be able to use cell service? If so, I’d plan to buy a 3 month Data SIM then purchase another 3 month Data SIM once the expiration date is near. While the timing may not be perfect, I’m willing move forward knowing there may be an interruption in service (at least try it out).


As the blog article states, this is a completely Independent product with no ties to a RW account or service activation. U just buy it and stick it into the device and it “just works” for DATA Only. It has no phone number or ability for calls or texts.

If you take out your normal RW sim card from your phone, then it will not be a phone anymore, but a data only device.


Does this mean that compatibility with iPhones (as talk/text devices) might be on the horizon? It’s the first glimpse that I have seen that RW is doing anything to work with Apple products.


Far too soon to tell. There’s a big difference between a data only SIM and support for talk and text on iPhones.

The thing is for data, there’s nothing special that need be done to support Apple products. So long as a device is GSM unlocked, generally, it will work with Republic’s data only SIM. Many Apple products happen to be GSM unlocked.


Uh…wait. Umm…not quite a tablet plan. I agree with Randy and Julie:


I am happy to see this is now available. Looking forward to being able to auto-renew monthly without replacing the sim card each month. The amazon store does not show a large number of sim cards in stock. This would make it difficult to depend on getting a sim card each month.


I am probably in the minority, but this would be more expensive for me. Currently I get 1 Gb per month for $20. That’s usually plenty, since I follow the RW model of being on/near wifi most of the time…

Please, please, please develop a regular low data tablet plan! I am so ready to dump Sprint!


Could an iPhone or iPod Touch, though, be used with data in this fashion? I’m thinking that something like Textfree plus FaceTime or an app that allows for calls would then work… I understand that the device would not be usable as a regular phone/text service would… it would have to always be using data to function… but theoretically it could be done, esp if someone is almost always in a wifi environment?


an iPhone the answer is yes it can be, as long as it’s carrier unlocked
an iPod touch I don’t think has a SIM slot


Hi @kristinr.quqjr3,

To echo @drm186, the answer is yes to an iPhone and also cellular enabled iPads. iPod touches are WiFi only devices.

A variety of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services among them Google Voice, Sideline and TextFree might be used to provide calling and/or text messaging to “regular” phone numbers. Lesser known alternatives I write about here for other reasons would work as well: Calling International Numbers with a Republic Phone.

Both FaceTime and iMessage could be used to communicate with others using Apple devices. Both work with email addresses. Neither requires a phone number when communicating with other Apple devices. FaceTime also does audio only “calls”. Video isn’t required.


I don’t have this Gateway yet: MoFi SIM4 4G LTE Gateway
I wonder if it will be compatible with the 90 day Sim? I am going to purchase ti either way, but it would be a really great use of the data only sim. Hello Sarah, this may be the plan that brings me back to Republic. Paul


Hi @pray,

Everything I read about the MoFi suggests it supports LTE Bands 2, 4 and 12. It supports others but those are the relevant bands for Republic’s GSM network partner. Have you verified coverage at Coverage Check | Republic Wireless?


Good day Roland; Yes, I have fair coverage at this time per RW’s coverage map. One reason I was forced to use Verizon as I couldn’t get good signal in my house with RW; Sprint nor TMobile is good in my house for voice. This was the factor about 3 years ago, hope it’s better now. couple of new towers have been built. don’t know it they are factored in RW’s map.

Verizon pretends to compete but whatever they devise will cost 60 for 2 gigs. I’m looking to update my router and have been toying with the idea of a sim system with att’s unlimited plan. 4G is way faster than my cable internet cause I’m too cheap to get off my old plan which maxes out at 3 mbs.


“Fair” coverage particularly indoors may not provide the coverage experience you hope for. I understand the device you’re considering is capable of working with more than one network provider, so I’m not suggesting you not proceed with a purchase. If you decide to give the Republic data only SIM a shot, you might want to start out with the 30-day SIM to see how it goes.


Probably won’t format, but ‘thumbs up’ for the quick relevant reply. Paul


I meant only that the MoFi can use data SIMs from any of the domestic carriers or an MVNO (like Republic) using one of the carrier networks. If you decide to purchase the device, you might try a Republic data only SIM. If coverage is inadequate, you could then move to something else like the AT&T option you reference. The suggestion of starting with the 30-day SIM would be to limit your investment risk while determining if Republic’s data coverage would be sufficient. :slightly_smiling_face:


ok ok it’s data only–but, what if you ported your rw phone number to say, gmail, then received and made outgoing calls with data. could you not used a phone for (1)accessing data and(2) making calls and (3) as a hotspot… I would be up for that.


I assume you mean Google Voice? Not Gmail.

If you wanted to port your number to a VOIP Internet only app like service, and was able to juggle the 30 or 90 day get a new card thing, I guess it would work. Or just use Skype or similar calling app.

I would not want my only and primary mobile phone number to be setup in such a risky way though, having to rely on having an excellent data signal all the time(when away from wifi). Many places I go have low signal and data speeds which would make such a setup very unreliable.

This is also a test product and may not be in stock when you need it to be in the future. Also chance of shipping delay or lost package…then you would be stuck with no data connection service once your sim expires and you do not have a new one to replace it.