Republic Wireless Unlimited Data-Only SIM


Republic’s reasonably up front in the FAQ in the Original post. This is an experimental product. The current iteration isn’t necessarily the final one. We’ll see. For now, it is what it is and I’m happy they’ve introduced it. I’m not a believer in making the perfect the enemy of good. A product or service may not perfectly meet my wants or needs but may still be good.

I’m really not certain what you’re asking for. Republic swaps GSM for CDMA SIMs and vice versa to address coverage issues when appropriate and does not charge for doing so. In fact, it’s relatively easy to swap back and forth manually in the same phone. I don’t see it as something a typical user would want to do but is possible. If you’re talking about Google Fi like on the fly switching using the same SIM, that’s another matter.

You too!


You got it. Switching on the fly. I travel remote areas away from the city where for most part GSM doesn’t work. However in the city where I live, it is preferred. Since due to my travels in the countryside, I am stuck with CDMA Sim system. Thanks for listening.


I have often complained to RW about the shelf life of the cookies. If I am low on cookies and hungry near the end of my billing cycle, the cookies have a shelf life of only a day or two. $10 Gb for 30 days is good, but for two days then RW grabs the box from me and says that I don’t need them and sells them to another hungry user.
RW should get out ahead of this cookie monster before the competition.


It’s actually $5/GB. And Republic tried to non-expiring cookie model. It was $15/GB and consumers didn’t buy it.


Opps yes, $5 is better, doesn’t hurt as much when they take the bag back and sell it to another customer.


Of course, this is an entirely different brand of cookies as the $5 per GB price point is the My Choice cookies not to be confused with data only cookies.


Right, the data only cookies cost significantly less but are just as delicious.


I hereby disavow the cookie analogy! I feel like I created a “Cookie Monster.” :crazy_face::cookie::cookie::cookie:


Okay then, a box of donuts!
Dozen ears of corn

Red plastic can of gasoline, need to get home, twenty miles, they only sell ten gallon containers the next day they take the left over nine gallons back and charge you to fill your tank.


You can have data that doesn’t expire. With a legacy phone on Republic and the Refund Plan it is $15/GB. With a phone active on the $20 talk/text plan on Fi, it is the $10/GB. Data that doesn’t expire is more expensive. You can get it, but you’ll have to pay more. For $5/GB on the Republic My Choice plans or barely more than $1/GB on the data only SIM, it’s gonna expire.


When I buy something, I expect to receive title to the product or service.
The product is mine to consume as I desire.

I buy 1gallon of gasoline, I expect to be able to burn 1 gallon at the same rate as I burn it every day.

With things as they stand now at day one of my billing cycle, I can purchase 1gb of extra data and have use of it for thirty days. A great value.

If I run short of data and on the day before my cycle ends I can purchase the Same 1gb,for the same price but it is only available for one day.

Not only that but the seller takes any that I have not used and resells it to another customer.

Were this gasoline, I could donate it to the needy.

Fair is fair. Greedy is greedy. Someday competitors will put an end to this. The bad taste will linger when loyal RW customers migrate.


I’m sorry, but you’re not understanding the reality of business. Businesses can’t sell products to you for less than it costs them, or they stop being businesses. There is absolutely nothing greedy about a business that prices and structures it’s products so that it can stay in business.

The cell phone industry is pretty darned mature with literally dozens of competitors, with various pricing models and yet, Republic’s per GB pricing is one of the least expensive out there and the model is the same.

If you think Republic’s model and pricing is greedy you should certainly do business with someone else but you’ll be hard pressed to find some that meets your criteria because they don’t exist other than Republic’s Refund Plan and Google Fi as I already mentioned above.


Being in business owner for over forty years, I think I know the value of offer value and service to maintain my customer base.
When I sell my product to my customers, I make sure that it is quality and value.

I have been with RW for years.

I only need more data when I am traveling so this annoying problem does not happen often.

If it did I would up my data plan.

It is not a plus for RW when they take back data that belongs to users that in fact paid full price for this data. This is not leftover regular data from a subscription, this is purchased data.

So you are saying I should close my wifi and burn up my data or donate it to my vendor because I love them so much.


Does the provider of your WiFi Internet access have a data cap? Mine does. It’s 1 TB per month. If I don’t use that 1 TB, I’m still limited to 1 TB the next month. I don’t get to keep any unused leftovers from previous months. How is this different from Republic’s model?

Anyway, I think what you would prefer to purchase (and that’s fine) isn’t what Republic is selling. Republic is offering what amounts to a buffet (since we’ve previously used food analogies). You may use up to a certain amount of data over a period of time. Once the period of time expires, you pay again for the next time period. We don’t get to take the part of the buffet we don’t eat home in a doggie bag to freeze for later. :slightly_smiling_face:


I belong to a farmer co-op, for a monthly fee I get cheaper prices on fruit and veggies and it also includes up to 2 galleons of fresh milk (more if willing to pay market price) a month if I do not that amount of milk it gets forfeited

this is the same type of system the prepaid data only sim uses (and most cell data plans in the current market), buying the SIM does sell you the data but sells you access to up to 20 GB a month (in a 1 month or 3 month option)

if you don’t want expiring data you need to look at a pay as you go plan, a roll over plan, or a refund type plan. of these the best price would be the Google Fi $10 per GB


You paid full price for a specific product, that product is 1GB of data that expires on your monthly renewal date. You want a different product, it is available on the Republic Refund plan, at $15/GB. You can also look for other providers that offer what you want, but as has been stated a number of times in this thread, there aren’t a lot of choices. Bottom line, you bought a Toyota, complaining it isn’t a Ferrari is a bit silly.


Hi @dhinet, @louisdi, @rolandh,

The best I can tell your conversation has shifted from the Unlimited 30-day Data SIM to the $5/GB data on our My Choice plans.

Let’s please keep the conversation in this topic focused on the Data SIM product. There are plenty of other places in Community where the My Choice plan can be discussed.


We’ve updated the Data SIM’s expiration policy so that it will expire 30 days after first use, rather than 30 days after delivery. Our authorized reseller will be making the changes in the Amazon store. It can take up to 24 hours for the changes to be visible on the Amazon listing.

Thank you all for some excellent feedback and discussion on the policy! What do you think of this change?


Sweet! A Republic data only SIM will be added to my hurricane supplies in case of longer-term power outage!


That usage raises an interesting question. Is there an expiration date on these? Meaning could it literally sit for 2 years and then be used?