Republic Wireless Unlimited Data-Only SIM


Hi @louisdi and @rolandh,

You are correct, there is a limited shelf-life to the SIM card which is printed on the card and is usually about 3 years from the manufacture date.



I think this is a very positive change. Thanks for being responsive to feedback.



Can we get this same deal with cellphone data please?

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I think it is safe to assume for now that the answer to this question is no. The business case on data only SIMs and cell phone plans is very different. Data only SIMs tend to be used sporadically, sit in laptop bags or drawers until needed, often leading to a lot of the data going unused. The opposite is true for cell phones which are in your pocket, in line with you at the store, etc 24x7. This makes the usage and level of unused data very different.

These two things (plus things like level of support provided/expected on the two different products) make the financial feasibility of such an offer different for the data only SIM than it would be for the phone service and I’m confident in saying that while plans can and do change over time, the current offer for data only SIMs won’t be available for phones any time in the foreseeable future.



FI offers something very similar to republic’s data sim only it is on their cell plan. It is called bill protection, and gives you 15GB of 4G data and 256kbps thereafter.

I can achieve the same thing by carrying a hotspot in my pocket, but it’s a bit of an inconvenience.



I’m very familiar with the Fi offer. They cap out your bill at $80 (after 6GB of usage). So, with Republic, you’d be at 13GB at that point. Honestly, if you’re regularly using anywhere near that amount of data, Republic likely isn’t the right choice for you (and if you regularly use more that 1 or 2GB, Fi probably isn’t a great choice either).

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Or just keep a hotspot in your pocket or purse and achieve the same result, with a little bit of inconvenience.



That is precisely the point. Most customer won’t bother to do that. If a lot did, then it would break the model that the pricing is based on and things may change. Republic (like all cell providers) has A LOT of data on how things get used. They then build products based on that. I’m sure there’s an assumption in the model that some small portion of users won’t mind having yet another device to carry, that they have to keep charged, etc and will do so.



Just ordered a sim and a hotspot on amazon.



I just noticed these are out of stock on Amazon.

Is this being discontinued?



I showing 20 of the 30 day in stock and 9 of the 90 days



Thanks it’s back in stock.



Love the idea as I use Google Voice as my primary phone and saw as a great option for me and my unlocked non-RW compatible phone. That was until I realized that you have to replace the SIM every time it expires. I’m giving it a go with a 90-day plan, but really wish these could be refilled.



I hate doing this (particularly given your username :slightly_smiling_face:) but: New from Republic Wireless: A data-only SIM card.



Well, that’s a bummer. I was an original beta user for Republic and only left because the phone I really wanted to use wasn’t compatible. Thought this was a way back. Guess not. Thanks for the info

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Are the data cards being discontinued? The 90 days are out-of-stock. Thanks



Yes. 2 posts up the link tells you this:


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