Republic Wireless unlimited data plan


I uploaded a video about the unlimited data plan and the ATT 770s Hotspot that I’m using. YouTube, search for Republic Wireless unlimited data plan, and you should be able to find it.

I hope adding this link works

Republic wireless unlimited data plan Part 2

Hi @jeffreyy.u013lo,

Can you give us an overview, and do you have a link directly to it?


The video is on YouTube, search “Republic Wireless unlimited data plan” I was trying to figure out how to get the link but not sure how to do it, and the video on my phone is to big to email.




I found a way.



Thank you for your video! To others considering this hotspot, I would just provide one small warning. It appears that this hotspot does not have coverage for T-Mobiles Extended LTE coverage in LTE Band 12. That may not be an issue where you are, but much of T-Mobile’s coverage outside urban and sub-urban areas is via B12 an in those cases, this hotspot won’t have coverage. Otherwise, it seems like a great deal! @jeffreyy.u013lo thanks for letting us know it works!

EDITED TO ADD: Without testing, the fact that the device won’t work on B12 is from anecdotal reports only. The official specs from Netgear list B17. B12 is a subset of B17, so the device may indeed work with B12. In addition, the specs indicate that the device supports FDD LTE which does include B12, so the information is conflicting. If I were buying the device, and B12 was important to my coverage needs, I would make sure I have the option to return it. Hopefully someone will come along and let us know for sure.


Thanks for taking the time to make your video and share it with us @jeffreyy.u013lo! May we send you a Republic Wireless T-shirt?

(Note that even though you’re seeing my message in your E-mail and replying by E-mail, the conversation is taking place publicly in the topic where you shared the video, so please don’t send your address info by reply.)


That would be nice, I’m a 2xl.




Hi @jeffreyy.u013lo,

Allow me to add my thanks for the video. I’m wondering if you might be willing to help with some additional detective work. I see the hotspot you chose has a screen. Does the screen indicate you’re on LTE where you’re at? Would you mind sharing your zip code (nothing more)?


Yes one of a few things is it indicates if you’re one LTE, also how many devices are hooked up to the Hotspot and some other things.

I’m just a little bit north of Clearwater, Florida.


I did a quick update on my Hotspot and Republic Wireless unlimited data plan.


Thanks for the update @jeffreyy.u013lo! Please consider leaving a review on the data SIM card on Amazon, if you have an extra moment or two!