Republic Wireless v2 vs v3



I purchased my RW phones under the 2.x world…just about a month before 3.x. From a consumer point of view, what are advantages RW 3.x provides over 2.x?

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MyChoice (4.0)


  • Better Price on Data
  • Service is more consistent
  • Software works better
  • Unlocked phones
  • Choice of CDMA or GSM
  • Plan changing is more flexible and pay-as-you-go data.
  • Possible android updates.
  • More than just Motorola


  • Higher costs for users who use less than 0.6GB of data.

Republic Refunds (2.0) [Legacy]


  • Lowest price for users who use less than 0.6GB of data.
  • Unused data is refunded at the end of the month.
  • WiFi only option.


  • Almost twice the cost per GB of data.
  • Plan changing is less flexible.
  • Aging phones are beginning to lose out on new features due to android version requirements.
  • Users who want to use more than 0.6GB of data are paying more.
  • Bill can be inconsistent if you use data differently each month.
  • CDMA only.
  • Phones are locked to Republic and cannot be used on other providers.
  • Motorola only.

This is based on both my experience going from a Moto X2 [2.0] to my Moto G5s+ [4.0] and what I’ve seen throughout the community. A lot of people love the 2.0 plans and they are a great deal for those who use less than 0.6GB of data but everywhere else the 4.0 plans shine. (In my opinion).


Another 3.0 Pro, the additional GSM choice may allow members to experience substantially higher data speeds than available with Sprint in some coverage areas.

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That’s a great summary of the pros and cons with v2 vs v3.

I would add that v3 has Anywhere, which is getting better and better!


Anywhere works on v2 the same as it does on v3/4.

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I didn’t know that. Wow, that’s nice that RW has continued to extend support to older phones.

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On v2 anywhere converts text to IP base like all text in v3 so no more missing text when traveling out of coverage and only occasionally connected to WiFi [in v2 if text was sent and phone was off WiFi then text would go to cell and be lost after a 72 hour time out]


That’s really good for me to know, too, because I recommended a family that’s living in a foreign country to go with the RW legacy plan when they came to the states. They’re obviously on the wifi only plan. Based on the information in this thread from @Burusutazu, I just recommended them to put Anywhere on their computer and their phone today. Anywhere is really good for them I think too, just in case their phone gets stolen, or it breaks.

I will relay that info that you just told me to them, too, @drm186. Thanks!


one of the biggest issues with V2 was the inability to switch the WiFi only plans on demand (V1 could do this as part of the 2 plan changes in V2 one had to wait for the next billing cycle) so when I had to go to our southern neighbor (Ontario Canada) for work (which could be for a few days) I would lose texting (one of the reason I stayed on V1 for so long)
Anywhere fixed this issue

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