Republic Wireless was good until it was no longer good

I have been a customer for many year’s. I am no longer comfortable with the service that i receive with this company. There are better wireless company’s that are just as cost worthy and have much better customer service i will say it was good until it was no longer good.

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If you could share specifics on some of the important things that you feel aren’t meeting your expectations, it could be helpful. This would allow some of your fellow members to provide some responses and possibly help make it better for you and others.


Hi @benjie1954,

Welcome to our Member Community. It is very discouraging to see that your first post here appears to be as you are leaving us.

Our Help team has been working to resolve the question you have submitted, and the ticket is awaiting your response. We appreciate your opening a Help Ticket to address the question at hand, and we look forward to working with you to get the issue resolved.

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