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The only drawback in my plan is my purchase of a phone with small onboard storage, but I am a user who uses my phone as a phone and occasional camera. I have the refund plan with 1/2 gig data. It is great for my purposes. My less than $15 a month use sure beats my wife’s $50 plus plan with an iPhone. To those who believe phones are free they should check that part of their statement that explains their monthly payment for that phone. Why do you think a two-year contract is necessary and an early buy out the penalty. Republic has saved me $100’s since I joined in those first years. Keep up the great work.


Which phone do you have? A lot of Republc’s offerings support micro sd cards which could help a lot with photo storage. :slight_smile:

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I’m using the SD card. The fact that all downloaded programs will not store on the card is my issue, which is probably an android operation quirk. Thanks for your interest.


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You might be able to free up some space by Clearing Android System Cache/Partition:

Also see for more storage tips:

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It was tough giving up the Refund 2.0 plan when I bought a new Moto Z Play. Those 11 and 12 dollar monthly bills felt more like a monthly gift than a monthly bill. But, upping the monthly bill to $20/mo was worth the price to be able to use the newer, faster, better phone with a battery I only have to charge every 2 or 3 days. Charging the battery wears it out as much as using it does. Unless it breaks or something very compelling comes along in new phones, I can see myself using this phone for a long, long time. The new phone bill may be 25 or 30 percent higher than the Refund plan. But, the Refund plan was so low to begin with, the current plan is still a great deal.


Just hope you never have to replace your phone, because you’ll be in for a big surprise. I have to do that now and RW is telling me I have only 1 option ( Moto G) and they are happy if I leave to another carrier. The reason they are happy? I resisted the idea of their main suggestion: go find a used phone and convert it.

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