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I’ve been with Sprint for almost 15 years, but that’s coming to an end because of the T-Mobile merger. Since I have an old 3G iphone, I’ll need a new one. And I don’t need T-Mobile’s $60/mo unlimited data plan.

I’ve known about Republic for a long time and would consider joining. But as many have pointed out, there are even cheaper alternatives out there, such as Ting’s $10/mo plan and pay per GB, at $5 per, and I use very little to no data.

I see that Republic now has the same thing, but at $15/mo. So I’m wondering, why would anyone take the $20/mo 1 GB plan, when they might as well go with the $15/mo plan? This way if they use a half a gig, they’d save $2.50.

I’d have to see if the phone I get is compatible with RW, and Ting, but I’d rather start with the cheaper Ting plan and see how it goes.

Hi @steve.y53dfx,

Republic’s $15 My Choice plan option is unlimited talk & text with no cell data. Cell data with Republic is $5 per GB in 1 GB increments, so $20 plus taxes and regulatory recovery fees (which vary depending upon one’s location) is the least expensive Republic offering that includes cell data.

There are indeed competitors that offer more aggressive pricing, Ting among them. There is, however, no Republic or Ting plan that offers cell data in 1/2 GB increments. The minimum cell data purchase for both Republic and Ting is 1 GB. Neither Republic’s current My Choice plan or any of Ting’s plans refund or rollover unused cell data.


Ok, I thought if you used, say 10 MB of data, you’d only owe a dime for that, with either with RW or Ting.

But if you would at minimum, have to pay $5 with the Republic $15 plan, how is that different then the $20/1 GB plan? Is it because the $20 plan, you can use the phone and data as a hotspot?

It’s not at all different. At $20/month, one is simply bundling in the $5 for 1 GB pricing. The advantage to selecting the $15 plan would be if there are months one doesn’t need to use cell data. In that scenario, one can add data at $5 per GB in 1 GB increments only during those months it’s needed.

Ting works the same. The major difference between Republic’s and Ting’s pricing is talk & text not cell data. Another difference is MMS (picture and group messaging. MMS uses cell data on all providers. Republic provides cell data for MMS in the $15 it charges for talk & text. Ting does not included it in its’ talk & text pricing but rather charges it against one’s cell data.

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To the first point, unless someone stays by their wifi 24/7, I’m not sure how anyone can not use any data. Once you step outside, there are apps that use data. May only add up to a MB or two, but once that registers, then the $5 charge would hit.

As for the second, I called Ting and they said they only bill whatever data you use. So if you used 100 MB it would only cost $1. I was skeptical so I called later on and this rep said, no, the first rep was wrong - once you use any data, it’s $5.

This rep also said that outside of wifi, pictures and video counts as data. I didn’t know that. My picture and video texts on Sprint didn’t count towards my data. At least I don’t think so. So I contacted Sprint, and they said, yes, outside of wifi, pictures and video do count toward my data. And incoming pictures and video too, outside of wifi.

But just so I understand, Republic does not count picture and video texts data outside of wifi? Outgoing and incoming?

Not with Republic. Republic activated phones do not use cell data for Internet access unless one chooses to purchase cell data either on an as needed or recurring basis. Republic does not add data without the customer expressly making a purchase.

Unlike Republic, any cell data use will indeed incur a minimum $5 fee for 1 GB of cell data. Also unlike Republic, it’s automatically added and charged.

With pretty much every provider, MMS (picture, video and group messages use cell data and are charged as such.

That is correct.


Ok, thanks. Now I understand the $15 plan. No data, means no data, at all. Or only when you want it.

As for Republic allowing you to send picture and video texts - outside of wifi - without them counting towards your data, they must be one of the few carriers who allow that.

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