Republic's Little Scam


Republic is GREAT, if you live in a city. Around rural areas, no matter if they say the have you covered in service, they most likely do not. After discovering this I decided to switch. I went to the new provider to switch, and there is NO way for any republic wireless customers to switch with their number. If you haven’t noticed, you probably have some odd landline-like number for your cellphone, this is because republic made it impossible for anyone to change providers with their current phone number. I’m not sure Why? Maybe it saves money for them to reuse numbers? Either way, republic is for extreme cheapskate’ s who have the time to sit at home on their crappy laptop and email back and forth with a little Chinese lady about issues. Unless you are this type of person, don’t waste your time with republic!

Notable Newbies: Welcome!

Your argument is great, other than the lack of facts.

  1. Republic partners with 2 of the big 4 cellular providers. Is coverage great everywhere, nope. But is identical to the coverage the customers of those 2 big networks have.

  2. Republic does nothing to your number. Republic isn’t a cellular carrier. It blends the VoIP network of with a cellular partner. The numbers are hosted by making them, by FCC rule, wireline numbers. ALL cellular providers other than Cricket will transfer a Republic number. They won’t do it simply because they don’t want your business badly enough. There is absolutely no technical hurdle. Their parent company AT&T transfers Republic numbers without issue.

  3. Absolutely 0% of Republic’s support is overseas, if that’s what your “little Chinese lady” comment is asserting.

So in summary, your coverage assertions are wrong, your number transfer assertion is wrong, and your support assertion is wrong, leaving us with?


Okay, I understand, I have been frustrated with the inability to talk to someone over the phone. I was trying to switch to cricket, so that is obviously not an option. Thank you.


Cricket is the issue. I can’t give you a telephone number, however, here’s Republic’s word on the matter: Why Can’t My Republic Wireless Telephone Number Transfer to Cricket? – Republic Help. For what it’s worth, I documented the workaround Republic’s help document points to. If, after reading it, you have questions, please feel free to let me know. Unfortunately, there is nothing Republic is able to do to make Cricket want your business enough to transfer your number directly. Any other service provider won’t be an issue.

Alternatively, if you wish a second opinion on coverage where you’re located and are willing to share zip code(s), many of your fellow members would be willing to take a look. Knowing which Republic supported phone you have would be helpful as well.


Hi @bonton!

A lot of Republic’s customers are very cost-conscious although I wouldn’t call them (including myself) “extreme cheapskates”. Republic’s support is actually very good despite not having live phone support. The last time I looked, the rating for their support (from customers) was arround 89% which is pretty good. Republic, as @louisdi stated, has two carriers they use (being Sprint and T-Mobile). If neither of those providers work where you live (and you are not near WiFi very much), Republic won’t work well for you. I am sorry that Republic did not work out for you! I hope you are able to find a provider that meets your needs!



@southpaw is a “little Chinese woman”?
In her avatar I don’t see chinese anywhere !!


I’m neither little nor of Chinese descent, but having had the opportunity to get to know several such women, I would have a great deal of confidence receiving technical support from those I know.


Hi @bonton,

I’m sorry to see our support model left you in such a frustrated state. That’s never our goal. You have the entire online Community here willing to answer your questions, we have online chat, and of course our ticket system. If a question ever seems it would be better answered by phone, we’ll offer a call-in option.

Since you were not able to move your number to Cricket, what, if anything, have you opted to do? Would you mind letting us take a look at your coverage situation? We offer two different cellular partners, so depending on the phone you have, it’s possible we could provide a coverage solution for you simply by changing your SIM card.

I live outside of a city, myself. One of our cellular partners has no coverage around my house. The other has fabulous coverage.

Would you mind sharing your Zip code and letting us know what phone you have?

If that’s not info you’d like to share publicly, you can DM me.


This is what I call awesome customer service. :slight_smile:

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