Republic's Net Neutrality Stance


What Republic’s policy on Net Neutrality? Will Republic take advantage of these rule changes to block or slow traffic coming from certain websites, or will your service remain fair to consumers and businesses by keeping all traffic equal?


Hi @alexg.ngr9dm,

Generally as a smaller operator, Republic has historically favored net neutrality, however, I don’t think in this case it matters. Republic does not own the networks (WiFi or cell) Internet data is delivered over. Therefore, they’re in no position to do anything to interfere with traffic on those networks.

The only network Republic “owns” is the blended network used for voice and text messaging. There are no competing services using that network today.


RW is not an ISP. It will be the ISPs who throttle traffic which could add a new dimension to problem solving if a person’s ISP throttles VOIP traffic. For this reason I’m speculating RW is in favor of net neutrality.