Republic's Orion WiFi Beta ends

Hi @orionwifi Beta Members,

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your participation in our Orion WiFi Beta test. It’s always a pleasure to get to work with friendly people who are eager to help us test and improve product offerings for all of our Republic Wireless members.

At this time, we’re formally ending our Beta test. While many of you did not have a test site you could access, your eagerness to participate and your feedback about cellular data and WiFi use provided valuable insight to our team. Those who were able to provide connectivity reports helped us identify and solve bugs that might have otherwise created negative experiences in the future.

We wish the @orionwifiteam all the best as they continue to work toward bringing this exciting product to to life, and we look forward to the possibility of being able to offer seamless WiFi connectivity in public venues in the future.


Orion WiFi participants who would like to receive a sticker to commemorate their participation in this project: Look for a personal group message here with a link to a form you can fill out to privately send me your preferred mailing address. (You’ll have to be logged into Community as an Orion WiFi Beta participant to view the group message.)


Although I could never connect the two times I had the opportunity to try, it was a pleasure participating in the Orion WIFI Beta testing.

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Enjoyed being a part of the test. It was a pleasure to be a part of it and providing feedback. Hope to participate in another test some day.



The first batch of stickers (for those who have filled out the form) is ready to go out in tomorrow’s mail!


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Would anyone hazard a guess on what our Community Manager did this weekend? :southpawpoms: :southpawpoms:

If I had known you were doing the packing I wouldn’t have signed up! Sorry to give you more work for some stickers!

Maybe Patch helped with licking the envelopes?

Sometimes it’s nice to have something a little less serious to work on.

Long, long ago, in a prior millennium, my dad ran (unsuccessfully) for office a couple of times. We’d spend evenings as a family folding letters and stuffing envelopes. I enjoyed being reminded of those days while working on this.

Your one form entry wouldn’t have made a big dent one way or the other in the time it took to prepare these for mailing, and I’d be quite happy to see twice again as many form submissions.

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Got my sticker, Thank You! Could not put it on my phone case as the finger print sensor is on the back so I stuck it on my other favorite device

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