Request for carrier name in addition to number for texting

I’ve run into a few situations recently, mostly having to do with three-factor security, where I’m asked not only for my phone number, but also for the carrier.

The carrier list is often a drop-down. RW is not on the list and there is no place to enter it.

What do I do in this circumstance?

Is there any other option for authentication other than receiving a text message? E-mail verification or use of an authenticator app are common alternatives.

It may be the case that the service does not support VOIP based numbers, which RW numbers are.
If you have a GSM SIM, then you can try selecting Tmobile, If your SIM is CDMA, try Sprint.

SMS is not secure and not recommended to use for 2FA. Use OTP Authenticator app like Authy or Google Authenticator if you can and if the service supports it.

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