Request: Roaming plans for Mexico?

I understand there’s no roaming in Mexico on Republic Wireless.

But are there any future intentions of having international roaming plans for Mexico?

After many happy years with Republic, I switched to a US-based company that offered free roaming in Mexico. My experience with that other phone company was quite bad. Things did not work. I had to call tech support repeatedly, spending 8 to 10 hours of my time over three months, just to get my service to continue working (even here in the US). Finally I got so fed up with that nonsense, I came back to Republic. And of course everything works perfectly.

However, no roaming in Mexico.

I’m going to spend several months in Mexico starting in the fall. I’d like to stay with Republic, because it works, and my experiences have been nothing but positive. If there were a Mexico roaming plan, I would love it. But if not, I might be forced to deal with another crappy company again.


Hi @flutix and welcome back. To the best of my knowledge RW does not plan to offer a roaming plan for Mexico. Have you seen these two articles by another Ambassador?

Hope these help!


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