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hi, can i request a specific number (within or without my local area code)? thnx in advance

Hi @13iron,

Republic limits choice to the last 4 digits of a phone number from its available supply. There’s no guarantee, Republic would even have access to the number you want. Each provider has its own pool of numbers. Republic can’t go fishing in Verizon’s pool and vice versa. Requesting a number change from Republic is intended to be self-serve and described here: Change My Phone Number – Republic Help.

If it’s important enough to you, you could obtain a number from a broker then transfer that number to Republic. Brokers do not give away numbers. There would be a charge. NumberBarn is reputable. If you do decide to shop for a number there, please be certain to verify the number would transfer to Republic before buying one. You may do so here: Switching to Republic?.

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Just to be very clear, it is not possible for Republic Wireless to assign you a specific number.

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