Request - User Friendly Support Note Answer - Is My Phone On RW's GSM Or CDMA Network?


Current Support Note is not user friendly for answering the typical member’s questions we see on a regular basis. Most of the current phones don’t display the SIM ICCID. There is no reason to suggest members remove their SIMs to get a visual with all the easy workarounds available. The current note information is relevant/good for some other purposes as well.

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Which workaround are you talking about? I’m not aware of one that works universally and I think the goal of the note is a solution that doesn’t have to go in to phone models and different ways of checking.

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These all seem fairly universal and simple to use. First as often recommended dialing the Sprint code sequence: …Moto X Pure Update PRL. There are apps that will provide just a name of network provider such as SignalCheck Lite. Then for more details Sim tool apps will display the SIM’s ICCID and name.

Bottom line recommending members disturb a functioning SIM/phone is not working smarter. There should be an easy to find alternative.




Doesn’t work on Samsung phones (the code you linked to) which leads to my previous comment



Thanks for that information. Can Samsung phones do PRL updates?

The Support Notes aren’t universal either. There are multiple notess on same subject for different phones. Many contain the identical information. Doubt they are meeting their general goal of a universal note.

RW has recommended using apps for tools before. I believe an app would be better than s SIM tool to identify what SIM is install or the network.




If CDMA provisioned, yes.

Generally, Republic staff won’t recommend a particular third party app. I’m aware this isn’t always the case but these are exceptions not the rule.

Powering down a phone, removing then examining its SIM followed by reseating then powering up the phone is really no big deal. Bottom line, installing a third party app to discover the cellular network one’s phone is provisioned for is viable but I don’t expect to see Republic suggest it.



How to Update the PRL for the Samsung S7 and S7 edge – Republic Help

Is there not something in the Software update settings to indicated that the Samsung is not CDMA provisioned such as an Update PRL not being an available option? Are Samsung phones so odd and not alter available settings as other phones do?




This is something that Republic should add to the Republic App. A simple notation in the settings/about screen indicating CDMA or GSM would do the trick. I use SignalCheck Pro which gives me this and a lot more information.

While on the subject, it would be nice if RW would simplify the phone ordering process by letting the customer choose “CDMA, GSM, or Republic-chooses-based-on-location” on appropriate phones.



I won’t rehash the details, because this has been discussed multiple times, but Republic’s market research shows that while power users, such as those that tend to be active in the forums, would prefer this, the vast majority of “normal” users are actually scared by such a choice, to the point where they lose trust in the service that Republic can deliver and may therefore choose not to do business with the company. Because of this Republic has simply set it to “Republic chooses based on location”.



“Work Smarter…Not Harder”


That would be a very sensible approach and thanks for the recommendation.

I’ve learned with my Moto phones it’s easy to determine what network member’s are on by viewing the Cellular networks in the More settings. When a GSM or CDMA card is inserted and phone powered on the menu options change. I don’t have Samsung phone in hand to check for a similarly easy way to check for which type of SIM is installed. Question asked and awaiting an answer?

I’ve seen “we need to know what network to advise further” at least a hundred times here from members trying to help members with coverage issues. Each topic usually ends up with multiple recommendations of the workarounds available. As a helping member I’d like to see the clutter cut and have somebody point to helpful link or provide an easy to understand summary.

To counter the other rhetorical replies I’d like to point out there are several different related Support Notes already and one of them suggests using an app to find a ICCID. How to Confirm the ICCID of GSM SIM Cards – Republic Help
RW doesn’t need a baker’s dozen of notes on the same basic subject. One or two should suffice for all devices if the information is consolidated in a thoughtful manor.




(I’m late to the post and this may or may not have been mentioned already).

Yes, if your Samsung is on a CDMA SIM, under Settings > Software Updates you’ll see the option to update Profile and PRL as well as download System Updates.

This is an app that a RW employee told me to use. The other apps mentioned are very good too:

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