Requested port out close to payment date. Was charged but I don't think I should be

We requested one of our Republic lines to be ported out on June 29. Payment was scheduled for June 30. Port out didn’t go through until June 30 & we were charged for that line. It seems to me that since I requested the port before the payment date, I should not have to pay for that particular line for another month. Am I incorrect in that thinking?

Hi @paulat.0p5ea5,

Republic cannot control the date a number ports out. That is controlled by the provider gaining one’s business.

Republic’s policy is that there are no refunds for service not used during a billing cycle. Republic is a prepaid service provider and this is true of most other prepaid service providers as well.

The above said, the specifics of your situation (being one-day into the new billing period) merit consideration by a Republic agent. To reach an agent, please open a ticket.

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Thanks for explaining! I will reach out to an agent.


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