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This post seems kind of out of the blue on this forum, but I didn’t see another called General Community or something like that. When I was struggling to get a feature to work on my phone, @southpaw said she would help test if if posted a photograph off a flat pack “island” that diverted my attention.
Here’s where I was when she said that:

Here’s the end result:

I’m really grateful to everyone who helped with my phone. But, no, I won’t help you put together flat packs: fourteen different sizes and types of fasteners; ended up using quite a few more tools than a hex wrench.


Couldn’t have been too bad, I see written words on the instruction sheet! … so try the same in IKEA (maybe why they bought Task Rabbit?) :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I’ve had a few of those nightmare furniture assembly days. I told my wife I measure financial success based on whether or not we have to assemble our own furniture.

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Hi @ronaldsb.akqflf,

It looks great! Dare we ask how many hours went into it?

That made me laugh!

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That’s a nice looking island! Nicely done! One time my uncle and my dad tried to install a door. They got it installed and realized it was upside down. Looks like you faired much better :wink: .

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Thanks. I’ve put together some things for my daughter and rarely took more than an hour. I’m embarrassed to say I spent nearly five hours on this one.

Yes, @jben, I was encouraged to see the writing, too. Unfortunately they were written by an experienced assembler and not tested so some critical information was omitted both from the words and drawings. I had to obsess at every step to envision what we were trying to accomplish and then make choices based on that. I’m going to post a detailed review on wherever I bought it (can’t remember) pointing out some omissions. This might help others. It’s a great piece and I highly recommend it.

@cbwahlstrom You got that right!

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