Requesting a Better Invoice to Print

I use my cell phone for business. When I go to print up my wireless bill or invoice, I just want a one page printout. Instead, I get a 3 page invoice, and it wastes a lot of colored ink.
I am printing from a Google email account.

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Hi @sarahd.ytumbk,

You might try printing from here when signed into your Republic account: Orders & Payments | Republic Wireless. Click the desired invoice, then the small printer icon to the left.


Are you using this button on the Billing page?


When you print with Google Chrome, click More Settings and then reduce scale until you get it to fit the way you want.



I have no trouble printing when using the printer icon to select the account invoice. Some of the text is very light (almost gray) which doesn’t help my accounting department. However the big problem is that the printed invoice says “Half Gigabyte of Cellular Data … $15.00” (It correctly says 1 Gigabyte on the previous screen, and that’s what I have. But the printer invoice says half gigabyte.)

Half Gigabyte of Cellular Data is the unit of measurement…you likely have a 2X (mulitplier) somewhere.
On the refund plan 1GB of data costs $15…so you do indeed have 1GB on your plan, if this is unintentional
then you can change it back to the 0.5GB plan. As noted in your refund, seems like most of it is being refunded
back to you.

You should be able to see your plan settings on the Republic Wireless App on your phone.
Right under your phone number, it should say
Base Plan + 0.5GB or Base Plan + 1.0 GB

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