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Develope an international service. I, being a disabled veteran use my spare time traveling to foreign lands. One of the things I encounter is that in almost every instance I have to purchase a new sim card for each country. While I am glad I now have that capability, it gets cumbersome keeping track of those SIM cards. T-Mobile offers an international plan. While T-Mobile isn’t the best service in the world, at least they cover virtually every Central and South American country, albeit that service comes at a considerably higher cost. Soon, (within a few years) most carriers will be further developing international plans and they will leave Republic in the dust on that front. I want to stay with Republic, I’m from one of the very first waves from the startup of this company. I wish to remain a customer but this needs to be developed or at some point I will be forced to make a change to a company that will provide what makes my life easier.


You may want to take a look at a document by @rolandh (our resident in-house phone guru/world traveller) International Travel with a Republic Phone
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I have no problem using my phone on Wi-Fi in other countries. That is not the issue and for me, it never had been. What is an issue for me is making calls when NOT on WiFi in other countries. Thank you for the tips, but they do not provide a solution for this going into the future for Republic, nor for its customers. Long term it only makes sense as the 3rd set of phones, many of them will work with the different frequencies of many countries, especially in Central and South America. It makes little sense not to develop the capabilities of Republic to cover this, and by doing so, make it more attractive for customers of other carriers to switch while adding value for existing customers.

Unless I’m misinterpreting what you propose (possible), you’re asking for roaming on international cellular networks. Republic owns no cellular infrastructure in the U.S. and won’t be building any internationally. Republic could opt to purchase international roaming for its’ customers via one or both of its’ cellular partners. This cost would, of course, need to be passed along because as you correctly observe it’s more expensive. Republic’s GSM partner has extensive European operations as it’s owned by a large European telecom.

On another front, over the top (OTT) calling is on the roadmap for Republic Anywhere: Texting App | Text from Computer | Republic Wireless. When that plays out calling to U.S. and Canadian numbers on both WiFi and cellular data (via a local provider’s SIM) would be an option.

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