Required Application - Install Sophos Intercept X for Mobile


So, I have this suspicious notification on my Moto X asking me to install Sophos Intercept X for Mobile. Tapping it takes me to the Google Play store to download. I can swipe away this notification and restart didn’t’ clear it.
Has anyone else seen this “required” software before?

Have you installed any apps lately? It could be an ad masquerading as a notification.


Hi @tracyr.17kmad,

Republic Wireless is not requiring that app.

If you press and hold the notification, could you tap the circled i to see what app is creating the notification?


The app is called Company Portal. I believe this is the required app toto use my phone for work. If so this make sesen that they would want a security monitoring app installed.

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Hi @tracyr.17kmad,

That certainly seems reasonable. You might double-check with your employer’s IT folks.

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