Residing temporarly in remote Alaska

How can I stop service and charges while not able to use my phone?
I have a Moto X 5.1. Changed the plan but it is still not working.
Please help with suggestions

Thank you

Probably would require you Opening a Ticket and request they change your plan to the $5 month WiFi only plan. This will not stop the billing, but if you do stop it you will lose your phone number


I will note the best cell service you get in Alaska though is Roaming Republic partners has no towers up there
Republic does not have a account hold or number park service as @Jben stated requesting $5 plan though support would be the best option unless you don’t care about the number

As mentioned by two fellow Community Ambassadors, Republic does not offer this service though there are third party number parking services. I’ve used NumberBarn previously.

Some additional clarity might help us better help you with this. What’s not working? The plan you changed to didn’t take effect? Your phone’s not working? Something else?

the plan I changed to is not roaming. I don’t think Republic has towers in remote areas of AK. So I want to change plans to $5. is this possible?

Hi @paulaj.bwgaij,

It’s possible but depending upon your current plan the change may not take effect until your next billing cycle. For more insight on that, please quote, for us, the words underneath your phone number when you open the Republic app.

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