(Resolved) Search on Republic Help is Down


Search on Republic Help is not operational at this time.

Just a quick note to let the community know.

We’ll update the http://status.republicwireless.com/ when we’re back on line. Thanks.


In the interim since the old Community site remains up in read-only mode, one might use the search there as an alternative: https://community.republicwireless.com.


I put a search widget here in the forum. It searches Zendesk directly.

I will take it down after this outage since it is not as robust as Inbenta’s.


How do we access the widget?.. I couldn’t quickly locate it. Do we have to logout and log back in to the forum?


bottom center of the Forum. Refresh the page.


It was covering my “Reply” button until I refreshed the page.


I had to close the tab and open it again…it is working now…thanks!


Search should be working again can you all test it?


confirmed thanks! :+1:


Same results as @amitl.


Thank you @amitl and @rolandh for your quick confirmation. We’ll keep an eye on it, but looks like we’re back up and running.

Sorry for the down time.