Response to a suggestion that 3G towers will be repurposed for 5G

Agree that the 3G will be shutting down sometime in the future, but I doubt that all towers/radios will ever be re-purposed as 5G … (with the increased speed, the down side of 5G is distance that the signal will carry/penetrate

Isn’t that the primary reason that 3G is being shut down, so that the spectrum can be repurposed for 5G?

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It is stated on the newTM website and te long PDF doc it has on there, that they intended to re-purpose the towers and spectrum for 5G use. Previously leaked internal docs also back that up.

@louisdi & @SpeedingCheetah,
Yes I have briefly read some of those, however due to the lack of density of towers in rural America, I still think it will be a long time before 5G will be predominate for many users.
Here is one article that touches on it a bit

While likely true for mmWave 5G, this won’t be true (and already isn’t true) for the repurposed spectrum. 5G doesn’t change the properties of 600MHz (which T-Mobile has already launched 5G on) or Sprint’s 2.5GHz (which will be repurposed). None of this is the absurdly fast mmWave 5G that everyone likes to talk about, but it does bring things like better density for the carriers (300% increase in capacity per MHz of spectrum), a 90% decrease in latency, dynamic beamforming and more.

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