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This is my first time having a “ticket.” I was told last night that I would hear first thing this morning. It’s 10:30am Eastern time, but I have heard nothing.


Supports timely responses can be impacted by additional higher priority problems, personnel illness etc. etc. Many problems can be solved by sharing with the community (non personal information of course). Just describe the phone and the problem, and a whole bunch of folks will see it and if they can offer assistance or guidance the response can be within minutes.


I tired online to port my old work cell phone number to my RW cell phone and it wouldn’t work. Contacted a RW live chat person, who was not very helpful last evening. FINALLY got him to write a ticket. I know the number I want to transport is available. I have the account number and PIN from my old phone.


Hi @suer.btyxiv,

(Would you like a real username?)

I’ve reviewed your chat session and ticket. Your ticket has been assigned to the correct team and is waiting its place in line. At this time we do have a large number of porting requests and cannot put your request in line ahead of those who have been waiting longer. Your were given our porting team’s operating hours, not a promise that you would hear back at a specific time.

I’m afraid based on what I’m seeing in the chat and ticket history I am unable to make sense of your comment that the agent was “not very helpful.”

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Here is a link to an excellent article on porting in to Republic … it is by @rolandh one of the community’s Ambassadors.
(it is hosted in an Wiki that provide many other user guides about Republic Wireless)


I ended up getting a call from Chris who asked just one question and it solved the problem! If there is a dash (-) in your previous account number, leave it out. That was all it took. Still can’t believe the live chat guy (I’ll leave his name off) didn’t ask that question, since it is obviously one of the common problems. Very thankful for Chris and his prompt response!


I wish you had asked your question here! Verizon Wireless "Invalid Account Number" Exception Message – Republic Help


Hi @suer.btyxiv,

It is often the case that questions can be solved very quickly by our members here in Community and our other online support methods, such as chat and tickets, often more quickly than waiting for a phone call. We hope you’ll give online support a chance to troubleshoot with you if you ever need help again.


I have never used a forum before and really have no idea how they work. I’m not all that savvy when it comes to using the internet to find answers. I’m from the older generation that is used to and still prefers to talk to humans. I’m trying to learn to be more proactive in using the internet. Thank you for showing an interest in helping. Much appreciated.


There are many of us here in the community that may be in the same (older) age bracket, so please don’t feel intimidated … just ask your questions, someone in the community will help

  • This link Republic Help provides access to a very advanced search function that may help you in finding answers a bit easier.
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