Restaurant Week: Bridging the Gap with Food


Conversations around a table form some of the best memories. Sometimes you uncover new fun facts you may have never learned otherwise. Whether it’s a cookout by the pool on a summer day, lunch with co-workers, or coffee dates with your best friend, great bonds are formed when you share a meal with someone.

Restaurant week has really taken off in Raleigh the past couple of years. Cities all around the country celebrate this week because of its unique concept. Restaurants offer fixed (LOW) pricing for a three-course dinner to allow you to get a complete taste of what the restaurant offers. This week also gives you a chance to try some of the best food in town at a reasonable price.

We decided to start our own Republic Wireless Restaurant Week (RWRW) as part of our new Project Mojo Initiative this spring.

With Project Mojo we want team members that don’t directly work together everyday to get to know each other. Our hope is that building stronger MOJO between teams cross functionally will allow us to move faster and smarter as a whole. Our first RWRW was the week of April 11th. We gave everyone several different places to choose from around downtown Raleigh. The only catch was you had to go with someone not directly on your team. Someone who maybe you just started a project with, know you will be working with in the future, or someone who you just think is plain cool (not to be used as a dating opportunity).

Throughout the week there was so much talk about where people were going and if you hadn’t gone yet, where you should go. Of all the places we listed, we saw many people go to Standard Foods and Beasleys! Everyone liked how both of these are really close to our office and are known for their unique atmosphere and food.

After the week was over we asked everyone who participated to enter in a fun fact about the person they went with. With 50% of our employees participating you can almost guarantee there will be some really interesting facts. We learned that some of our employees like their coffee with ice cubes, one of our employees has been to over 600 concerts, and one was licensed to fly a plane before getting his driver’s license!

Now it’s your turn to try it out!

If you have an upcoming project with someone who you don’t know well, ask them to a new lunch spot! standard_foods_2
Have you recently moved to the area and want a way to get to know your neighbors, DO! All you have to do is pick some of your favorite spots around the area and carve out a week to host your own restaurant week with your friends or co-workers. Are you a teacher? Why not host a RW at your school for a fundraiser and have local eateries set up booths around the cafeteria for people to try. Also, make sure to check out how you can participate in the next upcoming restaurant week in your area.

Check out some more interesting facts about your Republic Wireless team below!

We’d love to have you join in on our restaurant week initiative by trying out some of our favorite places! If you go out make sure to share pics with #RWRW and let us know how you got your MOJO on.

Here are some of our favorite places: