Restock Nexus 6p?

I really want to get the nexus 6p 32 GB in graphite, but the only option in stock is the 128 GB in aluminum. Does Republic Wireless restock their phones often or once it’s out that’s it?


Usually when it’s out it isn’t resupplied on an older phone like the Nexus 6P to make room for newer phones. The pixel is very nice I have been told by customers like you and I are. If you find one at BnH, Best Buy or Amazon… The byod will work but you will have to buy a sim card from Amazon or RW’s store.Byod is GSM on the Tmobile partner. If you want a CDMA Sprint partner phone I suggest the RW store.

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If republic has removed even the option they most likely will not be getting that configuration again [graphite only has 128 option while the aluminum has both 128 and 32 but I see the 32 is out of stock]

The Nexus 6P is closing in on its end of production life at over a year and a half since released in the market

Hi @alixb.qkzbdp,

@bocephous and @drm186 are correct. Sold out variants of the Nexus 6P will not be restocked. If you want one of the sold out variants, you’ll need to acquire from a third party source. I suggest taking a look at this before pulling the trigger on that decision: Republic Wireless Coverage.

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