Restricted access changed. Voice service is blocked

Restricted access changed. Voice service is blocked… This keeps popping up when people are trying to call me. I’m not receiving 70% of my calls. It doesn’t do it with every number. It seems like this started after the update on my Moto z play. How do I fix this?

I’m about 80% certain this is being caused by an app you installed. Try deleting some apps that were installed before this problem appeared.

I tried that and cleared all the caches. It didn’t start happening until I had to do that big system update. It’s weird because it’s telling people that call me that my network is unavailable but if I call them and then they call me back it doesn’t do it. (It’ll only work for that day though, if I don’t call them first the next day it’s the same problem)

There are some very useful troubleshooting steps here:

Make and Receive a Phone Call

If you run through those and still have this problem click on Help at the top of this page, scroll down, and open a service ticket.

I have Moto z play. I did the steps in the troubleshooting that you linked and it’s saying “network or sim card error” on the step after resetting the creditials so I opened a help ticket. Thanks for your help I really appreciate it!

“Restricted access change Voice service is blocked” unwanted notification

  • From your screenshot it is not clear if this is connected to your home WiFi or a Corp?
  • 2nd Notification is either not being driven by Republic or it is not documented, and something we have not seen in the community AFIK
  • If this is at home and have not done so, could you Power Cycle Network - known to eliminate many problems

It was the system update with the Moto z play. I guess my signal has sucked for the last 3 years and I never realized it until the update made it obvious with the new notification. Republic wireless had to trade my phone to a Nexus 6 p wich has more coverage in my area.

I guess your saying I’ll get that notification every time spectrum’s wifi detaches, which is often. I rarely take that phone in cell range.

Yep and I was getting that message with WIFI also.....

Thank you for taking the time to perform some live troubleshooting on your Moto Z Play device.

After performing a few steps on that phone, we have determined that the issue may be related to coverage in your area. For this reason, I will need to escalate this ticket to consider what the options would be to improve cellular connectivity and give you a better user experience.

We appreciate your patience while we continue to look into this issue, and apologize for any inconvenience this has caused for you.

We wanted to reach out to you to let you know that we will be able to swap out your GSM device for one that will operate on our CDMA partner’s network. However, the Moto Z is not compatible with CDMA networks, so we have to swap out your device for a Moto X Pure or Nexus 6P, whichever option you prefer.

I am also getting the notification

Restricted access changed. Voice service is blocked

when I am on my home wifi network. I do not have consistent cell service at my home. I have a Moto G4 plus phone. I only have one app installed that was not an auto-install at phone setup. One caller in particular sometimes can call me directly fine, but other times gets a message that my number is not in service. I don’t have any problems calling out.

Thanks, Frank

Happening here too. Only started with the last Moto G5 plus system update. Never had this issue before on my home network until that update last week.

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