Restricted access. Voice calls blocked

I have a Moto X Pure on the 4.0 plan. I’m pretty sure I have the latest update.

I’m getting this message on wifi networks at home and occasionally at work. My phone will ring but I can’t connect to the caller. I can immediately call the caller and connect.

I’ve been told the Pure has a few quirks. Is this one of them?

Does the problem occur after the phone has been idle for ~60 mins or more?

I’ve seen the message shortly after arriving home and also later in the evening.

When you arrive home and then experience the problem, please do a 2 finger swipe down and see if there are any Republic notifications … if so what were they?
I have the Moto x Pure also, and the only problem I have is when I let Android Doze take over (but that’s at ~60 min, so this doesn’t sound like you have that problem

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When I got home this evening this is the message I saw.

I see that 1 min before the Voice calls only notification was posted that CyberGhost posted a Protection activated Notification. From a quick glance, this appears to be some kind of VPN.

  • Is this something new that you have just installed, or possibly it just recently was updated?
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VPN or “Secure WiFi” and other security software that uses a VPN or firewall like software will block the Republic app and services from working correctly and communication with the R.W. servers.

Remove such apps and the issue should go away.

Hmm…maybe this is it. I installed cyberghost in November and we have also replaced the modem since then. Not sure exactly when this started but it could be it. I have removed the app so we will see what happens in the next few days. Thanks for all the help.

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Any software VPN will increase the delay within the phone, then depending on the other end of the VPN tunnel (their server) is located this could be adding considerable delay between you and Republics servers
Here is a user comment on the GP CyberGhost site

I just got the cyber ghost vpn and so far it is working really well. I also spoke to one of the reps today and they explained how it works and where the severs are. The company is based in Romania but the servers that are used are in Canada which is where I live so that is a good thing.

  • Which Router did you put in?
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