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Is the Grandstream Web GUI locked down?

I just had a few more questions… I understand for troubleshooting on Republic’s end that the configuration of the ATA is locked down. I get that, I wish I could do that to some users machines that I have to support for my job, but alas you have to give enough access for them to do their job…
That being said, say I wanted to use this device in an advanced network setup where I needed it to be on a separate VLAN, which from reading the support docs this device is definitely capable of that. However, if the device is completely locked down, then what am I supposed to do??

Will Republic on a individual basis allow you to open a ticket and give you access or give you the information to manually setup the device so you have access to the admin console? I assume that the user name and pw are setup randomly by the system so they don’t even know what it is.

I see lots of potential with the capability that is being shown through this device and how it could be used in the future, but I think locking it down for all cases will be crippling to it. Hence why I haven’t jumped at buying one yet.

I have more thoughts on this, but I didn’t want to throw all those out at once.


Hi @benjaminf.haklmn,

Our Help Team does not have any options available to unlock the Extend Home adapter.

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HI @southpaw,

So in short, you’re telling me that the Extend Home you guys sell is not capable of VLAN Tagging, Static IP Addressing, etc.? Where if I bought my own HT801 (which I know I can’t use with you guys for some proprietary reason), it would be able to do this, even though the only “physical” difference is that I know the admin password.

I hope this isn’t coming across as hostile, I just want to understand what I would be getting. Plus I like to have control over all my network devices.

I also feel there’s a bigger opportunity here that Republic is missing that would use the same methods as this ATA. I know that the way your using this device, it would be configured similarly to my SIP Office deskphone that I use everyday with a VoIP company. I could see where you could bring back the Calling Beta feature that Republic Anywhere use to have. I loved having that and have missed it ever since.


The device is capable of it. It is not however capable of it when configured for use with Republic.


I enjoyed it as well but when Republic ended the development of Anywhere, this died in beta.

Right and I understand that… I find it sad that they quit mainstream development of Anywhere, but it is what it is.
What I’m saying is that we could actually get that functionality of calling on our PC’s by using the parameters that exist inside of the ATA… Hence Anywhere acted like a softphone, and the ATA’s setting could be copied into a softphone’s software settings and work just the same. Like using the Bria App, or Jitsi Desktop, etc etc. I would love to be able to try that out, even if it wasn’t guaranteed to work, because it’s just my nature to “try and see” what happens.

Thanks for the clarification on all the other parts of my question/post.


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