Restricted number Help!

I am trying to recieve a call from a loved one who is in jail. I was able to get the calls from him yesterday, and no tonight it is saying it is a restricted number on his end. Help!!

Hi @colleenc.mb08ag,

I’m sorry to hear of the circumstances! I’m uncertain I understand clearly, so I hope you won’t mind a question or two?

When you say; “it is saying it is a restricted number on his end”, do you mean that’s a message he hears when trying to call your Republic number? Or, is that’s what’s displayed on your phone when he calls?

If the latter, that’s likely just the Caller ID being blocked similar to “Private Caller”. If he’s not being allowed to call out to you, it’s not something Republic is blocking but likely the jail (to be more correct the jail’s phone service) blocking the outbound call. Typically, there are rather hefty charges from providers providing phone service to prisons for outbound calls, particularly when the number being called would be considered long-distance from the jail. I do not intend to poke fun at the situation but what these service providers charge could truly be considered criminal.

You’ll need to check with the jail regarding cost of outbound calls. There may also be restrictions on how often he’s allowed to call out. A workaround employed by some to avoid the ridiculous charges is to obtain a number that is a local call from the jail then forward that number to your phone’s number. Alternatively, a service like Sideline or Google Voice might be an option for this scenario.

For my friends here who might wonder why I seem well versed in this; it isn’t personal experience. This turned out to be an unexpected use case I became familiar with as a result of my involvement with Republic’s former sister service RingTo.

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